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Iron Maiden Guitar Tech, Eddie

Review Zoo catch up with Eddie Marsh, Guitar Tech for Iron Maiden!

Photo by: John McMurtrie

Iron Maiden Guitar Tech, Eddie

Hi Eddie, welcome to Review Zoo and thank you for taking part in this for us!

Hi Guys, Thanks for having me, great to be here!

What does your average day look like as a Guitar Tech?

Really depends on the band and venues they are playing. For me and working at my main gig with the band Iron Maiden, typically our day starts around 10am when we get to the venue. We then wait for our stage manager to let us know when we can tip the truck of all the backline equipment and usually with the help of local venue crew, we will push the equipment to the arena floor and start working on various things until the stage is ready for us. Once its ready, we put all our backline in place to get ready for a sound check, which normally is around 2-3pm.

We check all the equipment and re-string guitars, clean etc and generally get everything ready for the nights show. Once all checks are done with the P.A and monitor world, we are then set for a line check. For Iron Maiden, all the backline techs do the line check as the band will not be at the venue at that point, same with most but not all bands. So once we are all are happy with the sound check. Backline are then show ready.

Show Time! (Doctor Doctor)

You can expect around a 2 hour show for an Iron Maiden concert, of which I do all the guitar foot switching and also guitar tuning and various guitar changes throughout the show.

The End (Always look on the Bright side of life)

Straight after the show is finished, we pack down and move all equipment back out to the backline truck. Then shower and get back to the bus to leave the venue and travel to the next city.

What does accommodation look like when you’re on tour? Is a tour bus your home for the tour or hotels, and how is tour life?

Again, depending in the band you are working for and the budget. But as a rule with a stadium band like Iron Maiden, we have tour busses which we sleep on after a show to travel straight to the next city. Then the next day once we arrive we get a hotel.

Tour life is a fantastic experience and opportunity to see the world and meet/tour with amazing people and achieve amazing things. The negative side of that is long hours, lots of travelling and weeks turn into months of being away from family and broken sleep patterns can take its toll, so I guess its not for everyone. But I would still highly recommend it.

What got you into Guitar Teching?

I’ve been a musician since I was 13 years old, played in a fair few pubs and clubs as a teenager and was always wanting to know how a touring band works and how to make it work for me.

I started doing some local crewing work for various venues and started from there really. Before I knew it, I was working in mainland Europe for various bands doing some pretty cool tours.

Which bands have you worked with?

Iron Maiden / Black Sabbath / Fozzy / Devin Townsend / Bullet For My Valentine /  Lauren Harris / Voodoo Six  / Dirty Deeds, the list goes on….

Who’s Guitars are you currently looking after?

Currently I’m Janick Gers guitar tech (Iron Maiden)

What do you enjoy most about being a Guitar Tech?

Free food and beer! Lol

No seriously, I’ve been very privileged to be amongst the best touring crews in the world and every day has always been a learning experience to expand my skill set and knowledge. Touring families are very unique, you get to choose them.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m a glutton for punishment! I play guitar / bass and Keys for various bands as a session player.

I also have a small recording studio and label, of which I do a lot of work for small bands starting out.

Your personnel string gauge of choice?

11 to 52 for guitar. 55 to 110 for bass.

Personnel plectrum of choice?

1.14mm or fingers.

Favourite Guitar you’ve played?

Well for one I own, it would have to be my Caparison Dellinger Prominence, my number one go to guitar for live or studio work, an absolute stunning sounding guitar. And for one I have worked on, oh boy it has to be without question Devin Townsend’s signature Famus Stormbender! A wonderfully weighted and very well made guitar, it plays itself!!

Favourite amp you’ve played through?

Oh man that’s a hard question, I get to play through loads of amps! Well favourites I’ve owned would be Mesa Boogie Road king, Blackstar Artisan 100, again the list goes on but they all must have tube/valves. Not a fan of modellers without a real tube amps pushing the air on stage!

Do you get to see much of the countries you visit while touring?

Occasionally if we get a non travel day here and there between shows, then yes we are lucky enough to see some places.

Where do you look forward to visiting for the cuisine?

Hahaha I’m a fat Roadie! I love all food!! But I’m a massive curry fan! Any and all curries from Indian, Malaysian and Thai. If not that then Brazilian and Texan BQQ food. Lucky you can find this food in most places around the world.

Do you have any of your own bands/projects you’d like to mention?

There is a couple of things in the pipeline, but now days its hard finding the time let alone the right musicians but I always try and keep my hand in where possible!

As a Guitar Tech, do you have input on equipment the Guitarist might use in the future?

Mostly No! Most artists know exactly what it is there are looking for in a sound/vibe, my job is to make that work for them! Every now and then I do get to have input but at the end of the day, the artist knows what they like and that’s what they will ultimately use!

Any funny tour stories you can share?

A gentleman Roadie never tells! Oh god the things I could say here!!

Maybe for a book one day! Lol

What are you currently listening to?

I’m into so many different types of Rock/Metal etc

At the moment I’m locked into the 80’s style of metal and listening to lots of Fates Warning, Queensryche,  Crimson Glory, Vicious Rumors & Annihilator. If you haven’t already heard any of these, go check them out!!

Thanks Eddie you’re a legend!

Thank you guys! It’s been my pleasure.

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