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Shane Greenhall-Those Damn Crows

Review Zoo catch up with Shane Greenhall, frontman from the awesome Rock band, Those Damn Crows!

Shane Greenhall-Those Damn Crows

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For anyone who hasn’t heard “Those Damn Crows" yet, which song do you recommend listening to first & why,  and which song represents your sound the most?

Ah man… we’ve had 3 albums out and I could literally pick one from each album that best summed up our band and sound at the time, we have evolved over the past 8 years... so, how about:

1 - Murder & The Motive album - Fear Of The Broken

2 - Point Of No Return album  - Sin On Skin

3 - Inhale / Exhale album - Man On Fire

I see “Those Damn Crows” are on the line-up for Download Festival 2024, how’s everyone in the band feeling about that?

As you can imagine we are so stoked to play the main stage at Download again. We’ve been lucky enough to have played there a few times now with this being our second time on the main stage. It’s an honour as we know DL is a huge bucket list for bands around the world, so to get to play it again with an all killer line up is a great feeling!

What do you enjoy most about performing live, and how do you connect with your audience during a show? Any memorable or unexpected moments from your live performances?

It’s all about how we can bring the crowd in to our shows, whether it be me going for a wander getting in the crowd, or climbing up a balcony and seeing people in the gods, and getting everybody out of their seats and singing along with the Crows! There’s been a few injuries through the years on stage though... broken ankles, twisted knees, bruised heels, fractured back!

Please can you tell us what the “Crow Cast” is and how to hear it?

We’ve always loved the idea of a podcast (Crowcast) talking to other musicians and celebs and involving our fanbase etc. Because the world shut down through Covid it was the perfect time to put it in to action, we couldn’t perform on stage so it became our new live show every Tuesday night live at 9! You can catch up on previous episodes on our YouTube channel. We have a live Xmas special going out on December 19th.

I noticed you have a beer out, please can you tell us about that and where it’s available? How did it come about?

We’ve had several beers out, we did a collab with Tenby Brewery -  Inhale/Exhale IPA & Stout. We’ve also had several collab beers with a local brewery called Dogs Window brewery. Send The Neiper, Pint Of No Return… the beer names are a play on our songs/album titles.

I noticed something else intriguing, please can you tell us about “Crow Fitness”?

We have an amazing fanbase who aren’t just here for our band but are there for each other. One of our core fanbase members, Annie Joyce, is a fitness fanatic, and asked if she could start up a fitness group within our fan group to help motivate people who love fitness or want to start a healthier way of living. She’s amazing!

What are some of your proudest achievements or moments as a band?

Playing Download's Main Stage for the first time was surreal, we played on Iron Maiden day too, so extra special. Headlining and selling out our first arena show in Swansea was a big moment for us too. It’s all about the milestones and little steps over the years that have led us to where we are now - selling out a headline tour in the U.K, supporting The Goo Goo Dolls, supporting The Hollywood Vampires, playing all over Europe. I’m so proud of where we’ve come from and what we’ve done, and where we’re going, 'cause there’s so much more we want to achieve.

How do you engage with your fan base? Have you had any particularly meaningful interactions with fans that stand out to you?

Our fans mean everything to us, and I think they know that. I stay heavily involved with our fan page and I’m always in contact with our awesome fan page admin team the 3B’s - Bee, Bevis, and Beecroft - it’s important to us that we keep as close as possible to hear what our fans want, from merch etc to their experience at our shows and if there’s anything we can give back via things like our Crowcast competitions and so on.

What do you guys have planned for 2024?

Massive European shows next year, along with a few festival appearances in the U.K. We're headlining Planet Rock's Winters End which is cool, plus playing the main stage at Download 2024, and we'll be at Maid Of Stone festival in Kent too, just to name a couple. And with something VERY special at the end of 2024 too!

Where can we go to hear and see more from “Those Damn Crows”?

The usual suspects really!! We're on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok. But for up to date events and every Crow show we've got coming up, it’s best to hit us up at and subscribe to the mailing list!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Come check out a Crow show near you and be a part of the incredible, supportive Crow family!

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