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Velour Fog

Review Zoo catch up with London Grunge Rock Outfit, Velour Fog

Velour Fog

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How did Velour Fog form?

It's the classic Hollywood tale. We started like any other English rock and roll band, as an NSYNC tribute act. Whilst it was great getting to channel our inner Justin Timberlake, it just wasn't enough. We reformed into a Nu Metal band and started making originals for a while, and eventually the sound developed into a more Grunge focused sound as we don't want to stay boxed in the metal category, as we believe there is more to be explored in music.

How did the name Velour Fog come about?

It's a Futurama reference, we're trying to do right by our role model, Zapp Brannigan.

Who are your main influences as a band?

Mostly 90's rock and hip-hop. Primus, Beastie Boys, Alice in Chains, RATM, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, Guns N Roses, Cypress Hill, NWA, Linkin Park.

For first time listeners, which Velour Fog song would you recommend listening to first? Which song best represents your sound?


I hear you've just released a new track, please can you tell us about that?

Yeah our latest song Dopehead is a fusion of grunge and hip-hop with electrifying guitar. We recently shot a music video for it with a casino setting, definitely go check it out on YouTube if you haven't seen it yet.

Which hobbies do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Smoking, drinking booze and wearing sunglasses at night like our hero Arnold Schwarzenegger. Skateboarding and going to gigs is cool too.

Where can we hear more from Velour Fog?

Follow us on our Instagram @VelourFogBand to keep up to date. We have a spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, all of that. If you want to hear some of our unreleased stuff then there's plenty of footage on our YouTube channel.

Have you got any funny gig stories you can share with us?

Some chick came to one of our gigs with VF written on her t**s

Have you got anything you'd like to mention, any news or plans for the near future?

The sound has changed a bit since the first song we released, for some bands it's pure metal all or nothing, but for us we want to continue in this direction incorporating elements of music we like such as hip-hop and funk.

We will leave you with this quote from a good friend of ours. 'You stay classy, San Diego' - Ron Burgundy

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