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Bubblegum punk at its best, The Dollyrots Release New Album Night Owls

Catchy riffs, Huge melodies and Vocal hooks for days!

The nights may be getting darker but bubblegum punk favourites The Dollyrots are going to brighten all our lives with their brand new album Night Owls! Featuring thirteen tracks full of catchy riffs, huge melodies, vocal hooks and an outlook that oozes both sunshine and punk rock values at the same time, Night Owls is some of The Dollyrots finest work to date.

The Dollyrots - aka vocalist and bassist Kelly Ogden and guitarist Luis Cabezas - have also released a brand new single from the album. When We're Sober reflects on the situations we can sometimes find ourselves in from partying too hard. Check out the lyric video for When We're Sober here:

1. 5+5

2. I Just Wanna Play Dead

3. Night Owl

4. Hot Mom with the Skinny Pants On

5. When We’re Sober

6. Hey Girl

7. The Vow

8. Trees Sway

9. Tonight with You

10. Can’t Tell You Why

11. Alligator

12. Irish Goodbye

13. A New England

For more on the Dollyrots, Find The Dollyrots online at the following:


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