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Download Festival: Review Zoo explore the top rising talent and ones to watch this year.

As Download 2024 approaches, anticipation surges for the array of rising bands set to ignite the Dogtooth stage with blistering performances that promise to be nothing short of electrifying.

The roster is stacked with heavy-hitting talent, poised to kickstart the festival with an adrenaline-fueled fervour that will surely shake off any remnants of the previous night's revelries. Download's curation of the Dogtooth stage serves as the perfect remedy for weary heads, offering a lineup brimming with bands ready to deliver a sonic onslaught capable of awakening even the most lethargic festival-goers.

While the headliners command attention with their formidable presence, it's the hidden gems nestled within the Dogtooth lineup that truly capture the essence of the festival's spirit. From the thunderous sounds of metal legends like PANTERA and MACHINE HEAD to the raw energy of emerging acts, there's something for every discerning metal fan to relish.

Among the standout performers, URNE emerges as a force to be reckoned with, boasting an originality and intensity that sets them apart from the crowd. Their forthcoming performance at DL24 promises to be a revelation, showcasing their unbridled passion and undeniable talent.

UNDERSIDE is primed to incite frenzied mosh pits with their relentless energy and infectious melodies, while SPEED and ZULU inject a dose of hardcore intensity that will undoubtedly set the stage ablaze.

For those seeking a respite from the relentless onslaught of heaviness, MISSIO offers a refreshing change of pace with their lighter, yet no less captivating, sound. Their eclectic blend of genres provides a welcome contrast amidst the sea of aggression.

I expect CRYSTAL LAKE to storm the stage with ferocious intensity, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake with an uncompromising set of unparalleled speed and precision.

BRAND OF SACRIFICE are set to unleash a barrage of gut-wrenching lows and visceral vocals that will reverberate through the crowd, leaving an indelible mark on all who bear witness to their devastating performance.

IMMINENCE will bring anthemic choruses and infectious energy, transforming the stage into a spectacle of unity and euphoria.

ALPHA WOLF's unapologetic approach to metal will no doubt resonate with audiences, leaving an indelible impression with their unrelenting intensity and uncompromising attitude.

SHADOW OF INTENT will unleash a sonic assault that transcends mere sound, enveloping listeners in a visceral experience that resonates deep within their souls.

MAKE THEM SUFFER seamlessly blend electronic elements with blistering metalcore, creating a dynamic sound that is as captivating as it is aggressive. MTS are well worth a watch!

GUILT TRIP unleashes a relentless onslaught of hardcore fury, igniting pits and inciting chaos with their crushing riffs and unbridled intensity. These guys aren’t for the faint hearted, so they’re definitely in the right place!

KNIFE BRIDE offers a refreshing twist on the traditional metal formula, infusing their heavy sound with catchy hooks and infectious melodies.

As Download 2024 draws near, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch, with the Dogtooth stage poised to showcase the next generation of metal titans in all their glory. With a lineup this formidable, it's clear that this year's festival will be one for the ages.


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