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Review Zoo check out the incredible debut album "More To Life", by “Crushed by Waves”

Welcome, music enthusiasts, to a sneak preview of the highly anticipated debut album from Manchester's own sonic powerhouse, "Crushed By Waves". As a fortunate few, we've been granted an exclusive sneak preview of this musical journey, promising an immersive experience that transcends boundaries and challenges conventions. This North West UK quartet is set to unleash their unapologetic brand of gritty alternative Rock upon the world and the world is going to be a better place for it.

Since the seismic impact of their debut single, 'Ceiling,' in late 2020, "Crushed By Waves" has been carving out their niche in the UK alternative Rock scene. Their cathartic fusion of melodic verses, power-packed breakdowns, and anthemic choruses has resonated with audiences, propelling the band to the forefront of the industry. Garnering support from esteemed platforms such as Kerrang Magazine, BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, Kerrang! Radio, and Planet Rock, "Crushed By Waves" has cultivated a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting their next sonic onslaught.

"More To Life," where raw emotion meets unbridled energy, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary alternative Rock. Get ready for a sonic ride that transcends boundaries and elevates the essence of hard-hitting, soul-stirring music. The wait is almost over as "More To Life" is released on March 22nd 2024, and Crushed By Waves" is poised to redefine what it means to truly live through the magic of sound.

"Crushed by waves" sound is exciting, Rock inspired with a familiar edge which will be popular to a wide audience. "More To Life" offers a huge variety of elements and is both inspiring musically and lyrically. From Rocky riffs to pristine vocals, from laid back verses to heavy hitting breakdowns, this album has it all and it's top notch!

"More To Life" is full of incredible song writing and awesome dynamics which make this album an absolute joy to listen to. The electronic pieces add a really cool feel to the album which fits impeccably with every other element in the band's sound. 

Crushed by waves” are making huge waves that are too big to go unnoticed! Every song is perfect in every way! This is pure gritty alternative rock at its best! The UK has a new band to shout about and that is “Crushed by waves”!

"More To Life" is an addictive album which is sure to rack up some serious plays, as this gem of an album from the Manchester super talent will be top pick for many rock fans who are into well executed, original gritty Rock!

Before the credits roll at the finale of a big budget movie, I can hear “Crushed by Waves” as the soundtrack. This band is something special and set for huge things!

Get ready for Friday 22nd of March as your life will have a new soundtrack…That soundtrack is "More To Life" by the incredible “Crushed by Waves”!

Crushed By Waves - More To Life

1) Nothing Left

2) Dangerous

3) You Know

4) Optimistic

5) Won't Get Out Alive

6) More To Life

7) Faces

8) Lies

9) Close To The Edge

10) Too Much To Ask


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