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Review Zoo check out the new single,"Stay" by "Love is Enough"

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

“Stay” gets straight down to business with chanting style vocals from the start, which instantly gives a feeling of togetherness, fitting the “Love is Enough” theme perfectly.

I love the catchiness of these vocals, instantly heating up from the get go and engaging the listener from the ground up.

Dropping into the verse, “Stay” begins to focus on a story which everyone can relate to in their own way.

I like the way the verse is really up beat, with a core of emotion running through it. This makes the song accessible to many, no matter what message you want to take from the song.

Thor Porter has used his drums to really add to the song writing in “Stay”, using tempo changes and fills to move the song along brilliantly and further add to the emotion of the track.

I love the way Ben Whatsley has used his Guitar parts to add layers and detail, doing what’s right for the song and what the song deserves.

This has made “Stay” a rollercoaster of different sounds, all entwining to keep the song exciting, my ears constantly darting from detailed Guitar parts to expressive drum fills and it’s brilliant!

Each listen uncovers a new element to the ears.

The Prestigious vocal quality of Cam Walker gives “Love is Enough” that extra elegance and professional polish which makes their sound even more appealing and morish.

When “Stay” comes back around to the chanting vocals, the sound is what I’d describe as a huge expansive landscape of sound and emotion with goosebump inducing results.

I love the way this song goes from a massive catchy chant into a really focussed verse adding brilliant contrast and great dynamics.

As a listener, the focussed feel of the verses really draws you into every word.

I really like the shuffle feel towards the end of the song which gives the song that crescendo feel and adds an extra touch of energy to see the song out.

“Stay" is an incredibly well written song, which I can imagine as a big Movie soundtrack.

If you haven’t heard “Stay” by “Love is Enough” yet, give your ears a treat and give it a listen.


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