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Big Bends Nut Sauce

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Big Bends Nut Sauce is an excellent product to help keep your stringed instrument in tune. By lubricating any parts the string comes in contact with, the strings move freely.

I’ve used it with brilliant results when I kept experiencing string breakage at the bridge of my Guitar. I sanded the saddle a little with fine paper to take away any rough edges and applied some Nut Sauce so the string would move freely over the saddle with minimal wear. I haven’t experienced any string breakage since.

Adding Nut Sauce to the nut of your Guitar works wonders in preventing your strings being restricted. The smooth feel of the Nut Sauce is evident when turning the Guitars tuners after application as the string glides smoothly over static parts.

Nut Sauce is easy to apply straight from the tube, but some handy tools have been included to help application if needed.

Big Bends Nut Sauce is used globally by many Guitar Techs who swear by it and I can see why.

I love this product and highly recommend it.

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