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Heart of a Coward @ The Fleece in Bristol

Room 201

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Metal Titans, “Heart of a Coward” have recently released their new album, “This Place only Brings Death” and are currently seeing out a tour, making it their mission for everyone to hear their new masterpiece and thankfully I was lucky enough to catch them at The Fleece in Bristol.

Although I’ve been listening to Heart of a Coward for a while now, the opportunity hadn’t come about to catch them live, so watching HOAC live was new to me and a really exciting prospect.

The first thing I noted was the huge feeling and sense of reassurance one feels when watching Heart of a Coward live, knowing instantly you're in the hands of a well established and experienced band, who’ve dedicated an extremely large portion of their time mastering their craft.

These guys have put the work in, racking up countless amounts of stage time and it’s paid off!

Heart of a Coward are the real deal! On a Bleak Tuesday evening, These Metal heavyweights take to the stage and immediately take control of the room, whipping up the crowd into a frenzy and demanding full crowd participation. 

They're here for a good time and everyone’s to get on board! There’s no arguments here  as the crowd gladly jump aboard as The Fleece turns into a mass of moving limbs.

The audience are taken through their paces as circle pits and walls of death are thrown into the mix, lapped up by the welcoming audience.

Heart of a Coward are masters of the game, oozing class and confidence brought by the experience they've garnered through previous Tours, Festivals and Events, making every show a pleasure to be a part of and an experience to behold.

The musicianship is top class, as you’d expect from a band of HOAC caliber. 

I love the way HOAC switch from precision, focussed, groovy Metal riffing to open and atmospheric passages, providing great contrast.

The new material translates well to the live setting, these are brilliantly written songs which make for great listening and when Heart of a Coward play them live, they sound exciting, energetic and as heavy as king kongs ball bag! 

If you haven’t heard Heart of a Coward yet, I highly recommend checking them out.

I have “This Place only Brings Death” on repeat and I’m really hoping some more tour dates are in the pipeline as I’d love to see Heart of a Coward again.

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