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Heather Rae - Baby Just Wait

Room 201

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"Baby Just Wait", begins with atmospheric sounds of a stormy night, setting the mood and focussing the listener for the song ahead. 

Tranquil piano chords are soon introduced reiterating the mood of the song and providing a great foundation for the rest of the track to build from. 

"Heather Rae" begins her story as her vocals accompany the piano with an underlying beautiful string section, adding great depth and further adding to the emotional aspect of the song.

 The voice of an angel, "Heather Rae", pleads an emotional request for someone she clearly cares for, not to leave, but to wait for her and the message is filled with authenticity.

 As the verse is introduced, so are the drums, picking up the song and moving it on with a simple, steady rhythm which adds to the song without taking away from the key elements.

 I like the way the string section matches the rhythm of the drums, locking together to create movement which manages to tip its hat to the emotional aspect of the track.

The theme of the track is well executed as "Heather Rae" sings alone about a straying loved one who she longs to be close to. 

The temptation would’ve been to add multiple layers of vocals and backing vocals, but the single vocal approach which Heather has gone for, fits the mood of this composition perfectly in my opinion. 

The effect of a stormy night is brought back in briefly on the chorus, acting as a hook in itself and again adding to the atmosphere of the song. 

To me the line “I’m stuck in the dark of the unknown, struggling to hold onto hope” is a brilliantly, well delivered line, and a spine tingling moment. 

Towards the later half of the song, the song drops down into a stripped back interval with the bass line coming forward, catching the ear before rising into swelling synth. 

As “Baby Just Wait” comes to a close, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from Heather Rae in the not too distant future.

 I’m interested to see Heathers next steps. I believe “Baby Just Wait” would work well as an Acoustic version with just vocal and Acoustic Guitar, which is just one of many options I can see Heather being comfortable with. 

I also believe Heather Rae has a quality to her vocal which would suit EDM if she chose to turn her hand to the genre. 

The world’s her oyster as they say and I’m looking forward to hearing what she does next. I see Heather Rae as an artist with an open book of options and talent to explore, and she’ll put her spin on whatever she does and do it well.

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