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Mad Rap Dad - Gaslight Video

Room 201

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The opening scenes of “Gaslight” switch from a man of sophisticated appearance speaking on his cell phone, to off the hook rapper laying down slick bars, as “Mad Rap Dad” quickly gets down to business!

MRD has a venom in his delivery which works really well with the theme of the track and has you hooked on every word, as the venom he spits with every lyric draws you further into the song. 

He’s here not only to make sure you hear his message, but to make sure you feel it as well, as he delivers the track with such passion and intent.

I love the flow of "Gaslight" and I feel "Mad Rap Dad" has hit on the perfect tempo, so every word is heard clearly and the track has a really cool bounce to it.

There are breaks left purposely in the lyrics which further add to the dynamics of the song and leave stop, start pauses which are great for the feel of the track.

My favourite line if I couldn't choose them all would be, "This is a trip through insanity so pack light". 

Brilliant lyrics through out and all on an awesome track! 

The music video for "Gaslight" is brilliantly shot and keeps the viewer firmly engaged.

MRD is a real natural talent and a pleasure to watch.

I really like what "Mad Rap Dad" has achieved with "Gaslight" and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this slick and venomous rapper!

Here is what Mad Rap Dad said about the song Gaslight

"In most cases the victim often becomes the perpetrator and vice versa. Moreover, the dynamic is often unclear as both sides typically point the finger and feign innocence"…:

"Gaslight addresses the subject of narcissistic abuse in relationships and is as much about awareness and recognition of the signs in others as it is a call to look inwards at one’s own shitty behaviour. Few of us can say that they have a perfect relationship track record,

But taking accountability for our own actions allows us to grow and stop  making others suffer for own trauma.  Not a typical theme for a hip-hop work, the song is an honest proclamation of that which many struggle to come to terms with".

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