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Next Stop Olympus - The Ignorance of Us

Room 201

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The Ignorance of us leads in with a Guitar solo with heaps of emotion and drops briefly into a stripped back drum part to forewarn of the insanity which lurks on the horizon. 

A vicious verse kicks in which hits home like Stevie Wonder parking up on his driveway! 

The savage raspy vocals of Conor McEniry highlight the angst of the song and set up the chorus excellently. 

After a brief pause, the chorus arrives and hits you straight in the feels.

 Harry Ellis delivers a perfect clean vocal which oozes melody and emotion. 

You know at this point you’ll have this song on repeat for a long time! 

The low end spectrum of “The Ignorance of us” is held tight by the brilliant Bass playing of Matt Gray, who locks in with Drummer Josh Williams to create a tight foundation of rhythm and power to the track. 

I love the way Josh’s drums take a big part in driving the song structurally with Matt’s bass adding to the power of the mix. 

I’m a big fan of Guitars being utilised for the best of the song and not going overboard. To me Jeremy 'Skips' Scheepers and Harry Ellis have nailed the right balance, dropping back to let the vocals shine, but resurfacing at the right times to add some licks of detail on Guitar to keep it interesting. 

This song is a well crafted masterpiece, leaving me with one question….How are these lads not signed yet? 

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