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Rojelio - I’m not as grown as I thought (Troubled pains II)

Room 201

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Rojelio has a new offering and it’s called, ” I’m not as grown as I thought (Troubled pains II)”.

Starting with a beautiful piano piece, the song instantly draws one into its beauty.

Percussion is quickly introduced with stabbing accents followed by a steady beat.

I love the way the Ride Cymbal is utilised in the beat, giving a cool jazz feel.

An angst ridden vocal is heard over the cool piano and Jazzy drums, giving the piece a really arty feel.

The song takes on a laid back rap feel in the verse, in line with the Piano and drums, flitting into the angst style vocal, maintaining the unsettled emotional theme of the track.

The chorus adds contrast with a sung vocal which is organic and real, injecting further character and in keeping with the core of the song.

I really like the duel outro of this song. There’s an angst filled crescendo before the song drops into an old school rap breakdown with a really cool shuffle beat.

Rojelio has hit on something different. It’s experimental, it’s art, it’s interesting and I like it!

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