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Urne - Live/Bristol Exchange

Room 201

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The Bristol Exchange served as the perfect setting for Urne's penultimate show on their Headline Tour, and the atmosphere was nothing short of electric. As the tour nears its conclusion, the anticipation for the grand finale in London is palpable, promising an unforgettable night for those fortunate enough to attend.

Urne's ascent through the Heavy Metal rankings is nothing short of meteoric, and their performance in Bristol underscored exactly why they are capturing the attention of the metal community at such a rapid pace. The precision in their delivery, especially evident in the thunderous riffage, showcased a level of musicianship that rivals and even surpasses larger ensembles. It's as if the laws of physics are defied when three individuals can produce a sound that outshines some quintets in the genre.

Frontman Joe Nally's heartfelt expressions of gratitude between songs added a personal touch to the performance, highlighting the band's sincerity and genuine connection with their fans. The reciprocal loyalty between Urne and their audience was unmistakable, creating a symbiotic relationship where passion flowed seamlessly from the stage to the crowd and back.

The audience's enthusiastic response, singing along to every word with an unwavering dedication, reflected a deep familiarity and connection with Urne's catalog. The trio's reciprocation was evident in their genuine enjoyment of every moment on stage. Drummer James Cook's ear-to-ear grin became a symbol of the band's appreciation for their current position and the support they've garnered.

Urne's ability to seamlessly transition from brutal, bludgeoning riffage to anthemic guitar anthems demonstrated their versatility. Angus Neyra's masterful Guitar techniques are a joy to watch, the clarity and depth to his sound a pure pleasure to the ears. His elegant solos, like sonic tapestries, swept the audience like a beautiful wave of audio.

A particularly noteworthy aspect was the band's camaraderie on stage. The moments when they turned inward, playing as if in a private jam session, reinforced the authenticity of their connection as friends and musicians. In an era where live music can sometimes feel overproduced and formulaic, Urne's return to the roots of live entertainment is a breath of fresh air—a genuine, unscripted experience.

Urne's prowess extends beyond the confines of recorded music. Their live performances are a testament to their artistry, professionalism, and unwavering gratitude toward their fanbase. As they approach the culmination of this tour, it's clear that Urne's meteoric rise is not just a fleeting moment but a steady ascent fueled by their commitment to excellence and their recognition of the invaluable Urne family that supports them on their journey to the summit of the Metal tree.

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