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Baron Greenback

Divine Chaos

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Evesham stand outs Baron Greenback ooze style, from their retro inspired name to their sophisticated musicianship.

The quartet take you on a musical journey, treating listeners to an inspiring experience of melody meets heavy.

Their morish grooves get your head nodding while pulling that happy constipation face.

Max Ward takes you on a vocal rollercoaster, from rich caramel like vocals to vicious Pitbull growl, keeping the listener fixed on every word.

The Bass Giant, Rooster Rouse takes care of business in the low frequency range like a bass machine, hitting grooves out of the park with perfection, while Drummer Nathan Kay, the time keeper of the band, helps drive Baron Greenbacks sound with style and absolute class.

Adding the extra clarity, Mike Waring ads the Guitar thunder, producing concrete slab riffs which hit you in the face like Thors hammer!

All these elements go together to make a sound that's terrifyingly beautiful.

To leave you with a summary, Baron Greenback produce songs dirtier than a truckers Jazz Mag!

Check them out on the links provided, and give your ears a treat!

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