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Catchy Max

Divine Chaos

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“Catchy Max” is a House/EDM Songwriter and Producer from the UK.

Described as a musical story teller, Catchy Max brings depth to the EDM genre.

Originally cutting his teeth in the Alternative/Metal scene, Catchy Max isn’t afraid to bring the dark side to his music.

This is evident in his single “Angel with Broken Wings” where drug abuse and the damage it causes is highlighted.

But don’t get me wrong, Catchy Max has a vast palette of musical prowess and doesn’t discriminate against the lighter side of life.

His song “Pieces of Me” hits the fun note with a nostalgic funky Guitar line and raunchy vocals, which would make one feel they’ve stepped back in time (that’s until the hook!)

If you do something today, make sure it’s checking out Catchy Max…..And remember, you saw it on Review Zoo first.

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