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Divine Chaos

Divine Chaos

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I have great admiration and respect for Divine Chaos and their loyalty to the traditional Metal sound.

Where others may have jumped on the bandwagon of the newest craze, Divine Chaos aren't afraid to stick to their guns and keep the traditional Metal flame alive.

For any heavy music fan, there’s everything to love about Divine Chaos. There’s an incredible organic feel to their music.

Every member of the group adds an important and technically brilliant piece to this awesome, Thrashing beast of a band, as they make old school Metal their own.

Divine Chaos have brought their own tools to the table, to reforge the old school sound and have made a sound that’s brutally reassuring.

I’m always concerned about what Metal will sound like in the future, as it either pleasantly evolves or equally declines into a horrible craze ridden monster.

But Divine Chaos bring reassurance, as they add their own flair and enhancements to a great genre….and with Divine Chaos on the block, it’s only getting better!

There’s something for every heavy music fan in Divine Chaos, driving Bass lines, aggressive vocals, intricate drums, thrashy Guitars and shredding lead lines. Divine Chaos bring back the roots as they carry the Metal gauntlet towards an exhilarating future!

If you like your music heavy, and you haven’t heard Divine Chaos yet…go and check them out cause these lads are keeping it real, keeping it Metal and producing some awesomely reassuring songs which will keep metal horns firmly in the air for years to come!

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