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Next Stop Olympus

Divine Chaos

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Next Stop Olympus bring serious irons to the "Metal" fire, mixing brutal vocals with heart felt choruses.

Vocalist Conor McEniry delivers a ball's to the wall vocal style, while Guitarist/Vocalist Harry Ellis provides clean vocals to cover the full vocal spectrum. Between the two of them, emotion is fully injected into the NSO sound.

Everything these lads do is top notch. Every word has the impact it's meant to as their songs deliver emotion in a well forged package.

Matt Grays' Bass locks seamlessly with the precision of Drummer Josh Williams, providing a seriously solid rythm foundation for the rest of the band.

Jeremy Scheepers and Harry Ellis add depth and clarity on Guitar and throw even more beautiful brutality into the mix.

Next Stop Olympus are from England , but I can't see them making their stay long term, as I can see them gathering worldwide attention and booking extensive tours following their success.

Being lucky enough to see the the quintet live, I can whole heartedly say their songs translate perfectly to the live setting and leave you searching for their next show.

If you'd like to find out more on Next Stop Olympus and would like to follow them on social media, don't hesitate to find the relevant link on this page and treat yourself to some A1 Metal!

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