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Tortured Demon

Divine Chaos

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Tortured Demon are making serious waves and I can see these teens taking the world by storm!

Their brand of Thrashcore mixes killer thrashy riffs, aggressive vocals and morish metal chants! This band is a real treat for Metalheads of all ages.

After listening to them for some time, I was keen to see them live. I was intrigued to hear what they were like on a big stage as on record they’re phenomenal! 

My luck came in as Tortured Demon announced a UK tour and I was lucky enough to catch them at their Southampton show and Wow! I’m glad I did! This band are the real deal! 

These guys can play and they know how to put on a top notch live show!

Their songs are written to perfection and are delivered in a well polished and professional package. In my honest opinion, they’re one of the best live acts I’ve seen.

Over the years I’ve seen a huge amount of bands and they are right up there with the best of the best!

Then one remembers that the average age of Tortured Demon is just 19 years old…but there’s nothing teeny about this band, especially Jacob Parkinson’s Vocals, as they’re aggressive, guttural and powerful, keeping up with the older vocalists on the block and reminding the Metal scene, that the youngsters are here set a new president.

The band's sound is mature and you’d be forgiven for thinking they were all in their 40’s and had been touring for 20 years plus. The difference is this band is at the beginning of their journey and they have an exciting future ahead of them!

Drummer Joe Parkinson gets round his kit like a seasoned veteran of the game, If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought it was a man at least twice his age behind the tubs for the standard of his performance.

Guitarist Billy Hourigan and Bassist Ben Krimson play with such confidence and look completely at home on the big stage…in fact it’s like the whole band were born to be Thrash legends and lead the way to a new era of Thrash! 

The level of musicianship and song writing in this band at such a young age is one thing, then the fact these lads are one of the best live acts I’ve seen in all my years is something else!

I felt like I was watching a band who’d been touring most of their lives as their sound and stage show is immaculate! These guys are starting out at a level many bands would be happy retiring on!

If these guys are up there now, I’m not only excited for what they bring now, but I’m really excited to follow their path in the future.

Tortured Demon have set the bar extremely high and they seem to do it with ease. They are the future of Thrash and as an old school thrash fan, I’m in a happy place right now knowing the future is in good hands.

It feels good to be a Metal fan right now, cause if this is what Tortured Demon are creating now, the next step is potentially completely new ground for Heavy Metal! At an average age of 19, they have well written albums under their belts, great live shows and already have touring experience…The future is exciting…Very very exciting!

On the way out of the venue, all I could hear was chatter from fans about the level Tortured Demon have set and the excitement they have for the band moving forward. Another thing I noted, which was great to see, was how the audience who’d attended the Tortured Demon show were of all ages and all excited to have witnessed Tortured Demon.

I highly recommend checking out Tortured Demon!

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