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Divine Chaos

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In the vast ocean of music genres, every so often, a tidal wave emerges, blending disparate elements into a harmonious fusion. Enter WATERLINES, a ground-breaking metal EDM fusion band that is pushing boundaries and reshaping the sonic landscape. With a unique sound that seamlessly combines electronic dance music (EDM) with the thunderous resonance of low-tuned heavy riffs, WATERLINES is carving its path in the music industry.

WATERLINES don't shy away from embracing electronic elements, using samples, and digital effects to create atmospheric textures that add an ethereal layer to their music. This fusion of electronic and metal elements doesn't dilute the raw power of heavy riffs; instead, it amplifies the intensity, creating an immersive sonic experience that captivates listeners from the first note.

At the core of WATERLINES' sound is the unmistakable presence of low-tuned heavy riffs. Tom Wilson and Mike Hawkings, the guitar maestros of this revolutionary ensemble, are no strangers to pushing musical boundaries. Intwining the raw power of modern Metal with EDM soundscapes, creating a sonic experience that is as electrifying as it is ground-breaking. Their fingers dance across the strings, weaving a tapestry of sound while defying conventional genre limitations.

Drawing inspiration from metal sub-genres like Djent and groove metal, the band crafts a formidable wall of sound that resonates in the depths of the listener's soul. The combination of crushing guitar tones and precision drumming forms the backbone of WATERLINES' sonic assault.

Driving this sonic juggernaut is the rhythmic dynamo, Si Douglas, whose drumming prowess provides the heartbeat to this genre-blurring fusion. His precision and intensity fuse to keep the Electronic Metal machine on track, creating a rhythmic foundation that is both relentless and captivating.

WATERLINES' live performances are nothing short of a sensory overload. The raw energy of the band creates an immersive experience, the synergy between the electronic and metal elements comes to life on stage, captivating audiences and leaving them craving more. Front and center, Ben Mars commands the stage with a vocal range that spans the spectrum from ethereal to guttural. His ability to navigate the diverse landscape of EDM and Heavy Metal vocals adds a layer of dynamism to the band's sonic arsenal. Ben is not just a vocalist; he's the sonic storyteller, guiding audiences through the uncharted territory of their genre-blending journey.

In a world where music genres are becoming increasingly fluid, WATERLINES is a testament to the power of breaking down barriers. The band's ability to seamlessly blend Metal and EDM has garnered them a diverse fanbase, attracting listeners from both the electronic and metal communities. This crossover appeal speaks to the universal language of music that transcends genre constraints.

As WATERLINES continues to make waves in the music scene, the future looks bright for this genre-defying collective. With each release, the band pushes the boundaries of their sound, exploring new sonic territories and expanding the possibilities of what Metal and EDM fusion can achieve. Tom Wilson, Mike Hawkings, Si Douglas, and Ben Mars are not just musicians; they are architects of a new musical era, where the fusion of electronic and Metal elements opens doors to unexplored sonic territories.

In a world craving authenticity and energy, this quartet stands tall, inviting audiences to join them on a journey where the only rule is to break the rules. Tom Wilson, Mike Hawkings, Si Douglas, and Ben Mars are the vanguard of a musical renaissance, and their fusion of EDM and Heavy Metal is the anthem of a generation unafraid to embrace the power of sonic innovation.

As WATERLINES continue to ride the crest of this musical wave, These lads are poised to leave their mark on the industry, proving that innovation knows no bounds. So, buckle up and prepare to be swept away by the electrifying force that is WATERLINES.

Lee Holden-Rushworth (Review Zoo)

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