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Heather Rae - Grace Avenue

Heather Rae
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“Grace Avenue” by “Heather Rae” is an uplifting song, full of positivity.


In Heather Raes’ words, “I was driving one day in Shrewsbury, MA and passed a street sign called Grace Avenue. I realized as a Christian I want to always stay on Grace Avenue”. 


“Heather Rae” has taken a positive experience and shared it in an uplifting song and video which will be sure to brighten up your day.


“Grace Avenue” starts with a beautifully uplifting Acoustic Guitar line which instantly puts the listener in a good mood.


Although there isn’t any percussion in the introduction, the Acoustic Guitar is really rhythmic, which fits perfectly with the happy feel of the song and gives the track great movement.


The music video for “Grace Avenue” accompanies Heather Raes’ story and has an equally positive feel in a brilliantly stylistic visual.


I love the way the video has been shot to have an upbeat feel to it, totally capturing the vibe of the song.


“Grace Avenue” is a song about finding a positive in times of need, finding a path to continue on a positive journey, and Heather Rae’s achieved a music video which takes the viewer and listener on that journey with her.


This song is about finding a positive avenue to go down and remaining on it and I like the way the message of the song is wrapped up in a happy package, choosing to promote the uplifting side of the story.


The chorus is brilliantly catchy, with Heather Raes’ angel vocals shining through.


Percussion is brought in to further lift the song and it’s done to perfection without taking anything away from the other parts, only adding to the upbeat, happy feel of the track.


I love the way “Grace Avenue” has a cause and solution theme to it. “Heather Rae” tells her story in the verses and clearly states her solution in her uplifting message in the Chorus. 


The music video takes you back to the location “Grace Avenue”, which looks as beautiful as the song sounds, which tips its cap to the area.


Not only is the listener treated to a beautiful piece of music, we’re also treated to some incredibly beautiful scenes of America.


The middle section sees the song brought down into a short break with Heather Raes’ elegant vocals being accompanied by Piano chords and detailed Acoustic Guitar lines. 


In the video we get a sneak peak at where Heather Rae creates her musical master pieces, as we see “Heather Rae” in the studio performing “Grace Avenue”


“Heather Rae”, the voice of an angel, has created a beautifully uplifting song in “Grace Avenue”


Be sure to check out it out and Heather Raes’ interview here on Review Zoo as well.

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