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Darkest Hour reveal new single 'Societal Bile'

Credit: Mary Lou Larson

Darkest Hour have revealed their new single 'Societal Bile', from forthcoming new album Perpetual | Terminal, to be released on 23rd February 2024 via MNRK Heavy.

"This song is for survivors," says Mike Schleibaum, guitar. "While we all have our own special survival story, this song touches on the bile that immerses us as we navigate this modern life. It's also an acknowledgment of the personal responsibility we all share to ourselves to reject all that attempts to consume us and fight each day to find our own space to exist in peace with a world at war. It's dedicated to everyone who's got that survivor's disease and won't ever give up."

Darkest Hour, as a whole, have weathered time, trends, and tides of change and stand stronger nearly three decades since their formation. Their unique sonic style incorporates death metal exorcisms, thrash recklessness, hardcore punk attitude, and melodic catharsis at the speed of a circle pit.

"The record's theme centers around the duality of survival while embracing rebirth,'" says Schleibaum"We keep killing parts of ourselves to make new parts and survive. The story of the record is the story of the band. We're still here, and we're giving the world a body of work that's representative of our music today. We've realized relationships, tours, good times, everything that seems to give life meaning, is terminal — and will inevitably end. Nevertheless, we're 46-year-old dudes who love this music enough to put up with the trials and tribulations of being artists in a touring band."

Darkest Hour clawed their way out of the DMV area in the USA in 1995. Throughout the ensuing years, they tallied tens of millions of streams and quietly built a diehard fan base. Canvasing the globe, they packed thousands of shows and touched down on every continent, save Antarctica. Along the way, they notably notched five top 3 debuts on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart. 2017's Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora marked the group's third #1 bow on the latter in addition to crashing the top 10 of the Top Vinyl Albums Chart. It also represented a creative and critical high watermark. Beyond praise from RevolverEXCLAIM!, and more, MetalSucks rated it a rare perfect score of "5-out-of-5" and hailed it as "the best album Darkest Hour have ever made." New Noise cited it as "one of the best of 2017," and Metal Hammer dubbed it "a monumental return." PopMatters crowned it "a masterclass in following your beliefs no matter where they might take you."

Darkest Hour ended their 2023 touring across the USA with Exodus and Fit For An Autopsy. Their 2024 begins with a bang, with a headline tour across North America with Mouth of War, Filth Is Eternal, IAM, and Somnuri in support.

Pre-order Perpetual | Terminal here:

Perpetual | Terminal Track listing:

3. A Prayer to the Holy Death

4. The Nihilist Undone

5. One With the Void   

6. Amor Fati  

7. Love is Fear 

8. New Utopian Dream    

9. Mausoleum

10. My Only Regret

11. Goddess of War, Give Me Something to Die For


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