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German metallers Words Of Farewell reveal new single 'Stories To Forget'

German metallers Words Of Farewell have released their new single / video 'Stories To Forget' via Seek & Strike.

One of their most explosive and gripping tracks yet - the crushing essence of 'Stories To Forget' sets the tone for the band’s new EP which drops 29th March. The song was co-produced with Sebastian Sendon (Bleed From Within, Periphery), taking the band to a new level.

This is modern melodic death metal at its very finest.

Words Of Farewell state: "What sets this EP apart from the last two is the musical bandwidth we’ve managed to put into these five songs. It feels much more versatile and we’re proud that we’ve achieved that within just those few songs. Lyrically, the song tries to encapsulate the feeling of how creative writing can be a therapeutic tool for the mind. Writing down feelings about ailments, but also about other more positive states of mind can be helpful to get a burden off one’s chest. 

"Whoever wants to know what modern melodic death metal sounds like – this is us. Six passionate musicians each from very different backgrounds coming together to deliver music from the brain as much as it is from the heart. If you are fed up with bands who say they’re melodic death metal, but lack the melodies or such who say they are death metal, but lack the death metal. Well, we always try to deliver on both fronts.  

"In a world where content is mass produced and just thrown out onto the digital marketplace to see what sticks, we still retain our original mission statement of only releasing music that is written from the heart without compromise and to the best of our abilities, resulting in a listening and live experience that we hope delivers quality instead of quantity. We hope that people can feel the love and hard work that goes into our music and the passion that we feel for it which we want to share with everyone."


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