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Review Zoo check out 'Physical Culture' the debut Single by Flowers For Juno

Flowers For Juno are a gothic rock/metal band formed in Newcastle upon Tyne by musician Jack Wilson and vocalist Benjó James. 'Physical Culture' is their first release and today Review Zoo have the pleasure of listening to the debut release from the Geordie Duo.

Let’s get into it!...Beginning with a stripped back raunchy Guitar piece, one is briefly offered insight into what lays ahead, as classic 80’s keys accompany the Guitar, I’m raring to hear what’s over the horizon! 

Without hesitation, FFJ plunge into the heart of their sound, delivering the dirty rock riff, but this time cranked up to eleven. 'Physical Culture' becomes a blazing inferno of heavy rock riffage and 80s-style keys, with drums propelling the fiery track forward like a relentless truck driver steering a flaming rig through the night.

A gothic verse introduces a moody atmosphere saturated with character, enhanced by Benjó James dynamic vocals that dance around the listener's ears. The drums, bass, and guitar create a thick, steady foundation, injecting an almost upbeat feel while the vocals maintain their brooding and atmospheric allure.

A characteristic sung passage provides a brief respite before seamlessly transitioning into the solid gothic rock riff, the backbone of the song. Flowers For Juno showcases confidence in their songwriting by allowing the riff to take center stage independently, a testament to the strength of their musical composition.

The interplay between sung vocals and a lead-style section adds a captivating dynamic, serving as focal points within the composition. Flowers For Juno masterfully switches between these elements, creating a well-balanced sonic landscape that keeps the listener engaged.

A brief breakdown intensifies the anticipation before thrusting the audience back into the inferno for one last encounter with the hot and heavy gothic rock riff. As 'Physical Culture' draws to a close, Flowers For Juno leaves an indelible mark, presenting a beautifully moody goth rock masterpiece that not only delights the ears but also stands as a testament to their impeccable songwriting skills.


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