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"Review Zoo" take a look at the awesome "InTune Guitar Picks Inc"

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

InTune Guitar Picks offer many options of shapes, sizes, colours and gauges, even offering a Glow in the dark and a Camo option! But options don’t stop there! InTune will print logos and graphics on your pick for that extra individuality and customisation!

So these picks not only feel great, they look great too!

I love the idea of the glow in the dark picks! How many plectrums go missing, never to be seen again? Falling into the pick abyss that even Scientists wouldn’t have an answer for.

But InTune Guitar Picks have the solution. I like the idea of all of my lost picks glowing like a beacon of joy when I switch the lights off at bedtime so I can rescue them from where they fell, or glowing delightfully on that darkened stage, letting you know where they are. That extra bit of positivity to end the day knowing you’ve kept the pick tally at full.

There’s an option for every player, so if you’re new to InTune Guitar Picks, there’ll be a pick which suits you perfectly.

Their picks are top quality and can fit straight into any use from bedroom use, to playing the biggest of stages. It’s as simple as choosing the pick that suits you, then customising it with your chosen graphic or logo if you wish.

Printed Guitar picks doubles up as a great gift for fans at gigs. After you’ve played that awesome gig, there’s nothing better than gifting your band logo branded Guitar pick to your loyal fans!

Receiving an order from InTune Guitar picks is like receiving candy in the mail. The colours are vibrant, there are many variations and they’re super sweet! (Disclaimer… plectrums are not edible, so please don’t put them in your mouth, this is just a figure of speech)

I love these plectrums! Customer service is a huge part of a product for me and InTune GP are awesome!

They’re really helpful and communication is quick and easy.

The Plectrums I’m reviewing are all .50mm as that’s the gauge I use personally, but the following picks are available in different gauges, so please visit InTune Guitar Picks for further details.

Neon Yellow Standard GrippX

This is my personal pick of choice.

There’s good room to move the pick around in your fingers to suit the piece you’re playing.

I often allow more pick and flexibility towards the strings in a strumming part and hold the pick closer to the point on parts I really need to dig in on i.e. triplets and pinch harmonics.

Neon Pink Standard GrippX

This is the same as above but in a luscious pink! Pink isn’t usually a favourite colour of mine, but this Neon pink looks incredible and I love it!

Red Tri-Tip GrippX

This pick offers a greater surface to grip and added flexibility in the way it can be held.

The greater surface allows good room for a thumb and two finger grip or the usual thumb and finger and gives the option to move between a number of different gripping styles with ease that will suit your playing style and the piece you’re playing.

Black Jumbo Jazz GrippX

I love this pick as I feel it sits in my grip at a natural halfway point between the two methods I

Mentioned in the Neon Yellow Standard GrippX writeup. For me it gives a great halfway point offering some excess tip to flex over the strings, but enough control to really dig into the strings when needed.

White Jazz GrippX

This little pick demands great things from the Guitar as it sits naturally high in your grip due to its miniature nature, leaving a tiny point showing. This makes the pick really responsive as there’s no excess plectrum flexing.

These are my preferences of course and everyone plays differently, but one thing’s for sure…InTune Guitar Picks have a plectrum which will suit your style and needs no doubt, you just need to take your Pick! (Did you see what I did there) :)

Brilliant products, brilliant company and great customer service.

Highly recommended and well worth checking out!


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