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Review Zoo Spotlight. "Overpower", the UK Hardcore Thrash outfit

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Overpower take me back to the days of no holds barred old school thrash.

Mixing thrash with a hardcore style, Overpower have hit on a sound which is incredibly morish.

Their style of chuggy Thrash blends seamlessly into hardcore breakdowns and drop tempos which hit hard!

When I saw Overpower on tour recently, their brand of heavy was a real treat for the mosh pit, a sea of limbs flailing around like a choppy tide!

One feels an air of serious capability when in the presence of Overpower, confidence which comes with a well toured band who have spent the time to master their craft.

Casey Hicks stands with confidence, with the iconic glow from his trusty Engl Powerball II behind him, dishing out a beautifully brutal salvo of heavy riffage.

Vocalist Matt Howson storms around the stage, clearly identifiable by his iconic chainmail head guard and his defiant hardcore thrash vocal style

It feels as though war has been requested and Overpower are more than happy to oblige with a barrage of brutality and it’s awesome!

Lewis Blake’s Guitar rips! He makes extravagant shredding look easy, like he was born with a Guitar in his hands!

Josh Hansford has the low end covered, keeping the frequencies as low as his bass is slung, interacting with the crowd with his earth shaking low frequencies, each note’s felt as it is heard.

Overpower commands the crowd as they lay down heavy grooves like a puppet master for flailing body parts.

Drummer, Seb Bush, lays down rapid fire drums, his machine gun percussion keeping the beast on its reins.

Overpower has a great organic and honest sound which I feel we’re missing in recent years as technology has gotten its claws into music.

Their recorded sound and Live sound is individual as the character of each musician shines through, Overpower aren’t under produced and they're not over produced…They’re a natural talent who only rely on themselves as musicians and the top quality music they write.

If you like good honest Hardcore heavy metal, Overpower is definitely for you! Be sure to check them out.


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