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Review Zoo talk Mental Health with Harvey Freeman of Graphic Nature!

Hi Harvey, Welcome to Review Zoo.

Please can you tell us a bit about your band “Graphic Nature” and your role in the band?

We started GN about half way through 2018, it was an idea that th

e rest of my band had before I’d even

joined as the vocalist. We knew we wanted the project

to be called Graphic Nature and it took a while to get our sound, but once we wrote our first track everything just clicked.

We pride ourselves on speaking up about mental health through our music and live shows.

What first got you into vocals and joining a band?

So I originally played drums for bands for about 12 years prior to learning vocals, I only really put myself forward as a vocalist in about 2014-2015 I think.

I loved playing drums and still very much do whenever I have the opportunity.

I feel very at home as a vocalist now, even when it comes down to patterning and writing lyrics, I always follow the drums more than anything!

I first joined a band when I was in secondary school, probably about 11 or 12, it was just a few of my school friends and we’d play in our guitarists living room. We just played covers of our favourite Nu-Metal bands. It was rad haha.

But yeah ever since then I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I had the privilege of watching Graphic Nature at Download festival, what was that like for you guys? Your set was incredible!

Ahhh dude thank you, it was so much fun. We’ve always wanted to play it and that was everyone’s first time performing there.

Bucket list event for us!!

It was so much fun and the crowd were fucking awesome, we couldn’t have asked for anything more!

I understand Mental Health is a subject you address a lot in your lyrics, I’ve personally suffered with depression and Anxiety over the years and found music to be a great help. I found being in a band and writing songs gave me direction and an outlet. Have you found music and writing lyrics has helped you in any way?

Absolutely, music helps regardless of whether it’s my own music or someone else’s. It’s just got that ability to relate to you whatever you’re going through.

It’s fucking magic haha.

I like to see every live show we play as my own form of therapy, and it works for me!

I think it’s brilliant you’re shining light on Mental Health and bringing attention to it, I feel music is a therapy, so utilising your position in a band is incredible. Do you find fans approach you with stories of how your music has helped them?

Not so much that our music has helped them, I don’t think we’re that big yet but we definitely have people come up to us after our set like “thank you so much for speaking about this”

Which is something I’m incredibly grateful for. I love that people can approach me afterwards and be so honest about what they’re going through.

Do you get nervous before you go onstage, if so, how do you deal with it? I always felt my pre-show nerves were unusual as no one really discusses it, until I started asking the question in interviews. I think people are discussing their own experiences with anxiety and mental health more nowadays which helps a lot.

I used to get nervous a lot before shows, not so much any more but definitely at festivals. It’s a different experience when not a lot of people know your band so you feel this pressure to make sure people have the best fucking experience of your music at a live show.

But yeah, I used to feel dizzy and sick ALL THE TIME. It’s the worst.

What message would you put out there for anyone struggling with their mental health?

Speak to someone if you feel the need to.

And if you think about the worse case scenario act, please stick around for us.

Everything eventually gets better, as much as it feels like it won’t. Just hold on a bit longer.

There's the feeling of togetherness at gigs which is great for the mind. No one should ever feel alone and your words of encouragement between songs offer great reassurance to large numbers of people who may be feeling the grind of life. I applaud your dedication to breaking the stigma of Mental Health and respect the fact you're tackling the subject head on. Do you feel other bands could do more to highlight Mental Health?

I appreciate that! It’s just something I’d want to hear if I was in the crowd so I feel the responsibility to do it myself for others.

I feel like other bands could, but they also have their own issues they’re bringing to the light which is also great!

More will come!

What are your hobbies and interests?

Where do I start?! Haha

I love gaming (final fantasy 14 is my go-to game currently, and has been for years), movies and tv shows, books, anime, collecting action figures, painting and collecting warhammer or other miniature based tabletop games, there’s a lot and I’ve probably forgot a few.

It’s hard to stay on top of everything which is always fun.

Basically anything I was introduced to as a kid, I’ve made sure to keep up with it and not get too involved with this boring as fuck adulthood stigma that we’re “supposed” to be like.

Anything that makes me happy.

What are you currently listening to?

I’m currently listening to Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Korn, nothing really changes for me, I’m very stuck in my ways with music hahah.

Although Joey Valence and Brae are one of my favourite newer acts. Cannot get enough of them and I’m excited to be playing the same stage as them at Reading and Leeds festival!

You’re stuck on an island and can only have one album, which album are you taking?

Slipknot - Self Titled

I’ve never got bored of that album!

Any funny tour stories you can share with us?

Every tour is funny with the GN, I don’t really have any stories though. It’s just constantly hilarious and I love touring with them.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Any new releases planned etc?

Nothing new coming just yet, we’re just enjoying the festival season while we can!

Thanks for taking part in this Harvey


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