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Review Zoo catch up with EDM Music producer, Robbie Mendez!

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Hi Robbie, welcome to Review Zoo, thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions for us. First of all, what got you into music and how old were you when you started your musical journey? I started making music around the age of 11. I remember that my second cousin told me about FL studio. At that time we were in the same class, later that day he showed me the program and I was instantly hooked. I was so amazed about the fact that it's possible to create digital music. When I got home I installed the demo of FL studio and I've used the demo for a very long time haha, until a point that it frustrated me so much that I couldn't save my projects I made. It basically forced me to make a song in one day, render it as mp3 and a new track was born...but the project file after closing/rendering the demo? It was gone so I never could change anything afterwards haha. How ever, I truly believe it's because of that reason that I'm able to work extremely fast because once the inspiration is here I can make a song in very short amount of time.

Which country do you call home? For sure my own hometown still! However, on the 5th of march I fly to Sydney, Australia for a solo backpack experience so I might end up calling that my next ''home'' destination. I take a little break to focus more on myself because lately I'm not feeling so good. It happens, it's part of life! But a honourable mention is Madrid, spain. I played there last year which was super amazing!! What does your average day look like as a music producer/artist? Do you have a set routine? Well, I still struggle a little bit with having a good routine but mainly my days now look like spending all my time and effort in the studio. I don't really have much DJ gigs yet but that's also not my main focus. Producing music is my absolute number one passion so honestly I never get tired of being in the studio all day long. Obviously I have my goals and yes one of those goals is to travel around the world and play everywhere with my music. I've done a couple of international shows which were so much fun but like I said mainly making music. In the end of the day I'm super thankful that I'm able to make music everything single day and that I can call this my work. If you had to choose one song to showcase Robbie Mendez to new listeners, which absolute banger would you select? Good question, I feel like ''Imagine'' describes my style the best however, my personal favourite is a song I'm working on right now which is gonna be so cool! Very excited for that record. Also as an artist you try to develop as much as possible but still keep your style and I must say that I struggle a bit with finding the right balance, time will tell. Who are your main influences and inspirations? A lot of people inspire me for my music but my top 3 would look like this.

  • Martin Garrix

  • Fox Stevenson

  • MrBeast

Martin Garrix because I love his music, melodious and personality as a person. He inspired me from the beginning and I'm not ashamed to say that the music I create for Robbie Mendez definitely has some Garrix inspired touch on it. Fox Stevenson Because that man is just a genius, also love his melodies and the production quality is also always on point. MrBeast because I genuinely love the way he thinks as a person and from a business perspective. The way he approaches his videos and all the thinking that goes into it is mental. When ever I lost inspiration I can easily watch interviews of him talking about his YouTube channel and his way of thinking in life. He is such a unique person, we can all learn from him I believe. What do you feel your biggest strong point is as a music producer/Artist? I guess my melodies. Even though I can’t read musical sheets or play an instrument (I can play a little bit of piano) I’m still able to create my melodies in I think a pretty catchy way. I also spent the most time making a good chord progression / melody. Something else is maybe that I’m able to make pretty much any musical genre out there. Of course one better than others but I like to make different types of music in the end. Gives me new inspiration and makes making music fun. For all the producers on Review Zoo...What’s your favourite plugin? It used to be serum and I still use serum a lot but personally I like VITAL a bit better. I feel like the workflow is a bit better in VITAL if you design a sound from scratch. Honourable mentions for me: Spitfire audio LABS, FLEX (FL studio only plugin) and shaperbox 3. Piece of gear you wouldn’t go without? My brains, that’s probably the best piece of gear haha. Not for real I would say my laptop/computer. It explains itself. Do you ever get nervous before a live performance and if you do, how do you deal with it? Heck yeah…back in the days my nervousness would take over so much that I felt so sick and could throw up. However, now I’m able to control it a bit more but usually I tell myself, it’s okay to make mistakes, don’t force yourself to be 100% perfect. And most of the time the nerves go away from the first record I play. Do you listen to any different genres outside of your chosen genre, if so, which ones? I’m a HUGE fan of Drum and Bass, discovered that style around 2 years ago and fell in love. It’s such a vibe!! Btw I’m about to launch an alias for Drum and Bass as well so stay tuned because it’s gonna be amazing!! Any funny Studio or Live stories you can share with us? I can be quick about this one, I’m the type of guy who always forgets something of my gear in the studio. The amount of times I had to drive back to pick up certain items…haha so dumb! Charger, external hard drive, headphones, my phone, wallet, literally anything you can think of haha. Are there any new releases or anything else you’d like to mention? Well, to be fair lately I’m not feeling so good so currently while writing this interview I took a little break for myself. I’m solo backpacking in Australia for an unknown time. I have to sort out a few things for myself and process certain personal things. I hope to recover soon. I’m literally recharging my batteries at this point. However, I have one song planned which is definitely gonna be a banger!! :) It's a collab with a super talented kid but I can't say much about it yet. Keep an eye on my socials! Thanks for this interview and thanks for the people who took the time and read. I appreciate all the love and support you gave me for the last years and like I said I hope to recover soon and take over the world with my music!! Thanks Robbie we really appreciate you taking the time out with us.


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