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Sergeant Thunderhoof

Review Zoo catch up with Dan and Mark from Sergeant Thunderhoof

Sergeant Thunderhoof

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Please can you tell us a bit about the band?

Mark Sayer: We came together to just jam & it grew as far as this, don’t think we were expecting to be around this long or enjoyed by so many. Dan, Daz & Jim had played previously together, Mark & Dan were working in a project at the time and Dan thought it would be a good idea.

Where are you based?

Mark Sayer: Bath, Somerset UK. The home of myths & legends.

Mark, please can you talk us through your Guitar gear?

Mark Sayer: Guitar: Cort MGM-1 with Planet Tone Legacy Pickups


Modded Marshall JCM2000 TSL100

 ⁃ Tube Screamer Clone

 ⁃ Way Huge Fat Sandwich Harmonic Saturator

 ⁃ Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuzz

 ⁃ Boss GT1000 Core (wet effects)

 ⁃ Vox 847 Wah


 ⁃ Neural DSP Quad Cortex

 ⁃ Shute GLXD16 Wireless

 ⁃ Hoof Cabs custom 2x12 & 4x12

What’s the highlight for Sergeant Thunderhoof so far?

Mark Sayer: I think the reception to our music from across the world. Mind blowing. All the gigs we play are special because we’ve been invited to play, love em all no matter the size.

Dan Flitcroft: Can't pick a highlight. It's a continuous growth and I'm eager to see where the music takes us next.

Who are your favourite bands?

Mark Sayer: too many to mention really. Old school Thrash bands to Bjork to Depeche Mode and beyond.

Dan Flitcroft: I struggle to answer questions like this. My record collection is pretty vast and non genre specific.

Your favourite albums?

Mark Sayer: currently Songs of Faith & Devotion by Depeche Mode, Sound of White Noise by Anthrax, Blood & Strings by Tony Reed.

Dan Flitcroft: A few that spring to mind, Ocean Machine by Devin Townsend. Frengers by Mew. Angel Dust by Faith No More. Off the Wall by Michael Jackson. More recently i've really enjoyed The Slow Rush by Tame Impala. But I don't have a favourite record really. I could name 200 and not be able to pick one.

What are your hobbies outside of the band?

Mark Sayer: Cycling & Gardening

Dan Flitcroft: Music is pretty much my only passion aside from reading. Big David Gemmell fan.

Do you have any funny tour stories you can share with us?

Mark Sayer: Daz’s old VW Transporter Van breaking down & fixing it with zip ties? Er, what happens on tour, stays in tour… IE we are too boring to do anything exciting.

Dan Flitcroft: Mark casually grabbing me by the balls whilst we were stood side by side in a service station toilet urinating. Whatever made him think that was acceptable i'll never know. And no, it doesn't count as abuse. We have an odd relationship where that kind of thing is weirdly absolutely fine.

Best rider you’ve been provided?

Mark Sayer: Always Snuff Lane event management.

Dan Flitcroft: Stoomfest put on a good rider this year but I wasn't quick enough to get to the snacks, so my dinner consisted of a plate of carrots and hummus. It was ace actually.

Worst rider you’ve been provided?

Mark Sayer: Not the worst but during our tour last year, the support band decided to drink all of the rider with their mates. Cheers, top work.

Dan Flitcroft: I echo Mark's comments. There's always one band who take the piss and treat the gig like it's their personal piss-up session.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Mark Sayer: Keep love & joy in your hearts. With the world in a negative spin, be positive to those around you & enable them to be the best they can.

Dan Flitcroft: Wasn't expecting that from Mark. He's usually such a sarcastic twat. But yeah, what he said. Stop arguing like a bunch of toddlers and enjoy each other's company. No one has to agree with anyone. But you can still get along.

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