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Orbit Culture, the pioneering Modern Metal sensation, unveils their latest EP titled, The Forgotten

Photo Credit: Oscar Dziedziela

Orbit Culture makes a triumphant return with their scorching three-song EP, "The Forgotten," released via Seek & Strike, a heartfelt gesture to express gratitude to their dedicated fanbase.

Accompanying the release is a mesmerizing visualizer for the opening track, 'While We Serve,' which can be viewed here: While We Serve Visualizer.

You can stream "The Forgotten" on various platforms through this link: The Forgotten Streaming.

Niklas Karlsson, the band's guitarist and vocalist, shares insights into the EP: "During the creation of our latest album, 'Descent,' we discovered that the songs 'Sound of The Bell' and 'The Upheaval' had a distinct experimental quality in the final recording stages, deviating slightly from the album's overall feel.

Returning from our recent tour with Avatar, we felt the need for one more song to bridge these tracks together, and thus, 'While We Serve' was born. Serving as the perfect connective tissue, it not only complements 'Descent' but also stands independently as a new artistic endeavor."

Karlsson delves into the EP's tracks, highlighting the horror movie vibes of 'While We Serve' and the lyrical complexity of 'Sound of The Bell,' which addresses the challenging theme of mass shootings. He reflects on the transformative past few years, filled with incredible experiences such as opening for Meshuggah multiple times, extensive tours with Avatar in the US, and supporting Trivium in the UK. The EP, according to Karlsson, is a testament to the band's evolution and an expression of gratitude to their fervent fanbase: "These last two to three years have really changed our lives... This EP is for them, our most dedicated and supportive fans, without whom we wouldn't be where we are today."


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