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Review Zoo catch up with the Doctor of groove, Dr Funk!

Hi Jonny, welcome to Review Zoo. Thanks for taking part, I really appreciate it.

Hi Lee, Well thanks for having me mate.

What got you into playing bass and how old were you when you started playing?

My dad always used to play guitar and sing from as long as I know but it was when I was around 12, my cousin had always been a master on the guitar and I really wanted to just jam with him so I started playing bass lines on an old acoustic guitar until eventually I got a bass guitar.

Actually funny story like as i say my cousin Paul was the reason but he actually got a drum kit one year and i really wanted a drum kit so i asked my mum for the next Christmas and we were on a Tesco website i think and the bass starter kit was 20 quid cheaper so I had a go on that and here i am now lol.

Have you had lessons over the years or are you self taught?

I used to get lessons in school from a guitar teacher called Mr Lewis and then had a few lessons in college but for the past 10 years I've been teaching myself.

What’s the highlight for you of your musical journey so far?

I have a few highlights from my musical journey so far, one being going viral and hitting 29 million views. I played one of the biggest festivals in the UK (Boardmasters) on the mainstage by myself. I supported Tom Mische at one of the biggest crowds I've ever played to and there have been countless memories made from travelling and busking. Oh and also just got an endorsement from Bassworks where we are working together to create a signature Dr Funk bass.

Please can you give us a run down of the gear you use?

At the minute I use a Fender Jazz Bass 75th commemorative bass, a Boss RC3 loop station, a Roland Bass Street Cube, a Korg Microkorg synthesizer and for gigging I use a 4x10 laney cab with a TC Electronics 500 watt head. I have recently just bought an overdrive pedal and an octaver pedal too.

What genres of music do you enjoy the most?

I do really enjoy Funk music but I like Reggae music when I wake up for some reason haha, I think it's because I used to only have a record player with Bob Marley albums and I just got into a routine from there haha. I also love my classic rock though, Led Zeppelin was my favourite band growing up with a close follow from Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy. I now listen to Marcus Miller quite a lot as he is just the king of bass haha.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not behind your Bass?

When I'm not playing the bass i absolutely love surfing, tbh one of the reasons I started busking instead of getting "a real job" was so i could have more time to surf haha. But i also like socialising, playing snooker. I do love a good binge watch of a Netflix series too. I like to swim when there's no waves. I like to skate down the coastal paths to watch the sunset. Many things really but the best thing is playing the bass in the sun, not for money, not for videos, just for myself haha.

Do you play any other instruments?

I play bass, keyboard, harmonica, ukulele, a bit of drums, a bit of saxophone and a bit of guitar, I'm also trying to learn to sing atm which i feel is the hardest one lol.

Favourite Band or music artist?

My favourite band at the minute is Marcus Miller band or whoever he plays with. I saw him in Amsterdam a couple of months ago and it might have been the best thing I ever witnessed.

Favourite bass you own

My favourite bass has got to be my jazz bass.

Favourite Album?

My favourite album is Blood Sugar Sex Magik by RHCP which is also another one of my favourite bands.

Favourite Strings and Gauge

My favourite strings are Elixirs as they just last a couple of weeks longer than most strings, I like 45-105.

Favourite Bass Amp?

I would really like to be endorsed by Markbass bass amps as I've tried them out and they are wonderful to play, I have actually emailed them with no reply yet but fingers crossed ey.

Thanks for taking part Jonny, I really appreciate it


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