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Review Zoo check out Cympad, Get the best from your Cymbals and Kit!

Review Zoo are over the moon to have received a parcel of fantastic products from the awesome company, Cympad!

Cympads products are incredibly inventive and get the most out of your existing drums and cymbals.

Used by an array of profesionals from around the globe, it's easy to see why these products are so popular!

Gone are the days where boring looking felts sandwiched your cymbals, sapping tone from every strike.

Now Cympad provide a solution with their cool colours and great design, both sound and looks are top notch!

The candy style colours are a real treat on the eye and the results a treat to the ear!

Cympads products are extremely well made and durable.

I highly recommend checking out Cympad to get the best out of your kit, give your kit your own personal touch, let your cymbals sing and replace the standard felts with some fresh look Chromatics!

Cympads are advanced drum and cymbal accessories that provide a more comfortable feel and a better sound from all drum and cymbal types, sizes and brands!

CYMPAD is dedicated to helping drummers optimize their sound. The current CYMPAD line-up features a wide range of innovative drum and cymbal accessories that are drummer-designed and made from premium-grade cellular foam.

• CYMPAD Optimizers – Consistent, uniform foam cymbal washers that replace conventional felt washers and improve the tone of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands.

• CYMPAD Chromatics – High-quality foam cymbal washers in a choice of attractive colors.

• CYMPAD Moderators – A graduated series of over-sized cymbal washers that can be used to incrementally control a cymbal’s volume and resonance in live and studio situations.

• CYMPAD Shark – The removable, reusable, hinged foam snare drum dampener that easily adheres to any drumhead and enhances the sound by reacting to the intensity of the stroke.

• CYMPAD Undertones – An advanced new system of foam pads for floor toms and bass drums as well as all types of pedals and stands. Undertones suspend, isolate and secure drums and hardware for a better, fuller sound. Used and endorsed by today’s top drummers, CYMPAD products are affordable and easy-to-use. They are recommended for any drumming style or situation and are available at leading drum shops everywhere.

"Regular felts are simply a buffer, whereas Cympads allow cymbals to sing."

Nate Morton / The Voice, Cher, Bonnie Hunt

"I love the flexibility of sounds and sonic options that Cympads offer! You have to try for yourself! You'll be a believer!"

Rich Redmond / Jason Aldean, Bryan Adams, Lit, Jewel, Pointer Sisters


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