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Before we say goodbye to 2023 the band has released their punked up yet sentimental version of the NYE classic “Auld Lang Syne” out now on Wicked Cool Records. The song is already on tap to be The Coolest Song In The World on Sirius XM’s Underground Garage the last week of 2023.

“We’ve done Christmas originals and covers, a Thanksgiving song… figured we should round it out with something to play at New Years. Usually when Auld Lang Syne comes on I feel a bit wistful… I mean maybe it’s the champagne but it’s also time to reflect on time passed and what we hope for the future. Hopefully, the future is bright and full of goodness, so we made our version reflect that! And put in a little request for all of us to be better to one another. Maybe this year we can feel happy and hopeful when we hear this version of a classic,” says Ogden.

On Night Owls, the Dollyrots once again highlight their ability to craft music that resonates deeply, whether it’s through high-energy punk tracks or introspective ballads. Each track brings its own flair, with subtle tweaks and shifts that keep the listening experience fresh from start to finish. Hear Night Owls at your favorite streaming platform here:

The Dollyrots have also launched their annual holiday merch sale, The Twelve Days of Christmas kicks off on December 6, which means twelve consecutive days of merch giveaways and other prizes. Anyone who gets anything from their store is automatically entered to win a custom “Night Owls” guitar, made by Schecter.


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