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Christy Myers, Wallow and Hide

Room 201

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Christy Myers is set to release Wallow and Hide, single on Big Condo Records.

Review Zoo take a sneak listen.

Wallow and Hide is a beautifully written Acoustic piece.

Elegant and intricate Acoustic Guitar is backed with smooth sounding keys.

I love the bare bones feel of Wallow and Hide. There aren’t many instruments in the song but the Acoustic Guitar adds a rhythmic feel and is incredibly intricate.

The Keys hold down the foundation of the song allowing the Acoustic Guitar and Vocals freedom to express themselves in an intricate way.

I love the way the keys mark time, while the Acoustic Guitar is expressive and keeps time in a rhythmic tapping style, the keys flow, keeping the listener grounded to the core of the song and its bars.

Christy Myers Vocals are like poetry, fixated on every word, they’re clear and stylish and when the backing vocals join in, the vocals are like caramel and ooze style.

Wallow and Hide by Christy Myers is released on the 19th of August.

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar - Christy Myers

Keys - Adam Pennington

Executive producer - Royzy Rothschild,

Mix Engineer - Hikstr

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