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Cracked Machine - Cold Iron Light

Room 201

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Cold Iron Light is a fantastic progressive track which takes one on a musical journey. 

Cracked Machine keep this instrumental interesting by introducing detail in the instruments and clever use of dynamics. 

Slight drum Hi hat and ride accents catch the ear randomly in the song which keeps the listener glued so as to not miss a detailed induction. Cracked Machine sound like extremely experienced musicians, as each instrument flows with the next, almost like each musician is joined to the next to make one entity. Cold Iron Light has bags of character and reminds me of boozy summer days at festivals, sat chilling in a field as great music washes across the breeze.

 Cracked Machine have written a seamlessly, elegant song here which grips the listener from start to finish. I love how the song opens out into a spacious crescendo before dropping down into the outro, making you feel you’ve just stepped off of an incredible space ride. If you haven’t heard Cracked Machine, check them out on the links provided for more of their material.

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