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Doombia - Swim/Red Pilled

Room 201

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The first Single from Doombia is named “Swim”, and begins with a slow and heavy doom style riff before taking on an experimental vibe as the vocals are introduced.

The vocals are of an Indie Rock nature which makes for an intriguing blend and a real contrast over the low doom style riff.

Brendan Deiz who’s also Guitarist in Los Mal Hablados and Oleada has gone for a heavier approach on his side project, while keeping the vocals mellow and laid back.

Brendan's vocals have “The Stone Roses” sound to them which is a different approach to the usual low and gruff vocal style usually associated with doom style riffing.

I love it when artists switch things up and escape the norm, and that’s what Brendan has done here.

It’s experimental and I think he’s onto something.

The psychedelic sounds in the song fuse the genres together.

Telling his story of how this project came about, it’s clear how the heavy style riffs were born.

Doombia was born out of lockdown, after Brendan recovered from an injury that resulted in a metal plate being inserted into his hand followed by extensive physical therapy.

When he was finally able to play Guitar again, his riffs were of a heavier nature.

Likely to be the influence of the metal plate in his hand or pottentially his experiences of survival as Portland's Police units dealt with a nearby protest resulting in Brendan's window AC unit sucking in tear gas, while he was recovering from his hand surgery.

Fast forward to Doombias most recent release. “Red Pilled” is Brendan Deiz most recent single, seeing Doombia taking the aforementioned sound and adding a further heavier vibe in the vocals with a Metallica style voicing.

The extra vocal approach in “Red Pilled” highlights the heavier sections of the song from the laid back verses and steers the mood of the song well.

I really like the way “Red Pilled” drops down into a clean section, the wah is slick under a beautifully tuneful clean Guitar passage before climbing out and revisiting the angst style of Doombia again.

I'm interested to hear future releases, as this experimental approach will be a really interesting evolution.

To check out Doombias most recent release, "Red Pilled", please click on the picture above.

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