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Gruv Gear Fret Wraps

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Gruv Gear Fretwraps are simply brilliant! I could leave the review there, but I’ll go into a bit more detail.

The amount of times I wished I had something to take away the annoying string noise from the strings going from the nut to the tuning posts.

Spending time I’ll never get back, messing about with makeshift contraptions to resolve the issue.

I tried hair bands, sponge under the strings and even socks tied around the Guitar neck trying to eliminate these unwanted noises.

There’s nothing worse than recording a perfect palm muted section, only to listen back and hear string noise between every chug! Well, I can think of worse things actually but that’s another subject altogether! lol

While socks work to some degree, having a sock tied to the end of your Guitar doesn’t exactly look Rock and Roll, doesn’t fill you with confidence, doesn’t look at all professional, and doesn't come close to doing as good a job as the Gruv Gear Fretwrap!

These little beauties are brilliantly made to not only eliminate string noise, but to fit neatly and securely to your Guitar without the threat of damage.

Gruv Gear offers many options accommodating 6 strings and above, Basses and acoustic Guitars.

The range of colours on offer are fantastic and they all look incredible!

There’s even a wood option, a Tiger option and a Zebra option. How Rock and Roll is that?

There's also black, white and cool bold bright colours to choose from.

The other use for a fret wrap is to eliminate unwanted string noise when you're using two handed techniques like tapping. This simply involves moving the Fretwrap up the fret board to

an appropriate place.

The Fretwrap is a really useful bit of kit to tidy up any unwanted noises and fits to your instruments easily and safely.

I highly recommend checking out Gruv Gear Fretwraps!

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