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Radio Drive - Cast Out Your Light

Room 201

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“Cast Out Your Light” is the new offering from “Radio Drive”.

 The journey begins with an engaging and euphoric piano piece, as “Cast Out Your Light” starts as it means to go on.

 Rich Piano is soon accompanied by lush acoustic Guitars, helping the song along, as you feel a sense of involvement and inclusion in a storyline. 

The feeling of one's spirit being lifted is evident as the musical spectrum is built on, creating a tantalizing audio landscape. 

When the lyrics are introduced, the title of the song is the opening line, as Kevin Gullicksons vocals quickly stamp the message of the song early doors, providing a great foundation for the song to build on. 

I like the early introduction of the theme, as the lyrics go on to further build the core storyline of the track. 

Lifting the song further are the introduction of backing vocals, reiterating the message, helping the song move along and adding a sweet spacious feel to the track. 

I like the way “Cast Out Your Light” builds over its course, introducing instruments and further absorbing the listener in its slightly scifi feel. 

Orchestral strings are cleverly introduced, adding progression and an element of rhythm, giving the song a gentle, not too obvious pulse, which sets up the next part beautifully.

 The song ramps up, when drums are introduced with overdriven Guitar, adding power to the track and accenting the rhythm that was previously introduced by the stealthily rhythmic string section. 

Higher layers of vocals and bass detail further lift the song to a peak, before dropping into a psychedelic interlude of swirling Guitar effects, dancing around your ears like angels. 

The song is brought down to a break, to allow the listener to process the song so far and await what “Cast Out Your Light” has in store next. 

When “Cast Out Your Light” hits back in post interlude, it’s everything it’s built up to be. Every layer which has been introduced previously in the song is given to you without hesitation, and this time round the Drums are powering the song home. The buildup of COYL is engaging, and the mountain top point of the song is well worth the wait. Once you’re up there, Radio Drive allows you a good time to enjoy the high point before bringing the song down a level and ending with a beautiful fade out. 

“Cast Out Your Light” is like a crescendo ending of a movie soundtrack. Happy scenes where good has prevailed, everyone’s celebrating with a happy and content feeling inside.

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