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Room 201 - Friends

Room 201

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“Friends” begins with an eerie and atmospheric introduction, instantly seating the listener front and centre giving the feeling of being immersed in the track.

 Charlies’ bass tones work perfectly, adding to the sonic spectrum, building the suspense and this is just the beginning!

 I love it when I'm made to feel part of a song, not just listening in from afar, and that’s exactly what "Room 201" have achieved from the get go. 

When the vocals are introduced, Ozys vocals instantly add emotion to the track, he has great natural, emotional content to his vocal, which further pulls the listener into the song, listening to his every word. 

On Guitar duty, Leon has done a great job in adding melodic Guitar lines, which fit perfectly with the Vocals and bass, without taking away from other parts of the song, which can be a hard task with the genre, but "Room 201" have nailed it! 

The song drops into a verse, which although purposely drops in dynamics, sees "Room 201" use this opportunity to introduce further instrumentation. I love the introduction of keys as the piano adds further character to the song. 

The piano adds to the authenticity of “Friends” and immerses the listener further in the track with its organic nature. I like the way the piano is used in a percussive way at times, switching from accenting the melody to accenting vocal lines and rhythm. 

The "Room 201" lads are from Salford, Manchester in England and their accent is audible in parts, which I love. This is an authentic story and the organic honesty adds brilliantly to the overall feel of the song. 

In my opinion, over the years, music has lost its depth, its inclusive feel and has been replaced by a lot of bands who seem to be going through the motions with zero emotion or connection to their music, but "Room 201" have produced a song in “Friends” where they not only throw themselves 100% into the track, they’ve pulled the listener in with them, which is awesome! 

"Room 201" have managed to make “Friends” come across as a story or letter with music accompanying it, which points out to me that the core theme of the song is coming across loud and clear, and has been delivered brilliantly.

 It really feels as though "Room 201" have built the instrumentation around the emotion of the lyrics, like a written letter is being read with music accompanying it, and I love it! “Friends” has a cool swing rhythm to it which in my opinion greatly adds to the catchy feel of the track.

 “Friends” is an extremely tuneful and catchy song which pleasantly reverberates around your head for days! 

To sum up "Room 201"…Room 201 are a powerful blend of immersing emotion, melody and great musicianship! Be sure to check them out.

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