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Schaller S-Locks

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Everything Schaller produces is brilliantly designed, engineered and of exceptional quality, and Schaller S-Locks are no exception.

When you put money into a Guitar you connect with, a major concern is the safety of your prized possession.

Many Guitarists buy hard cases to protect the Guitar when it’s not in use, but no doubt you'll want to play the Guitar as much as possible while avoiding damage.

That’s where the Schaller S-Locks come in.

When your prized possession is out of its case and strapped to you, Schaller S-Locks stop your strap coming away from the strap button, so your pride and joy doesn't go sailing to the floor!

These brilliantly designed strap locks make sure the strap fits firmly, safely and securely to your Guitar, so your strap doesn’t come away from the Guitar unless you unfasten it yourself. (The strap can be removed from your instrument by pulling the S-Locks knob away from the Guitar and unseating it from the strap button)

This means you can focus on playing your Guitar as energetically as you like, without the risk of the strap coming undone, sending your Guitar to its death.

When buying a Guitar, I recommend Schaller S-locks are one of the first things on your must have list to look after your investment.

When it comes to Guitar safety measures, don’t settle for second best, as it could end up costing you in the future, buy the most reliable locks on the market. In my opinion, the Schaller S-Locks are the most reliable design and construction I've come across.

I’ve used Schaller strap locks for years in a touring band, and they never ever let me down, and now Schaller have improved them even further!

The shaft has been extended for thicker straps and receives a wheel/nut which can be fastened by hand. This makes them even easier to fit, increases options to thicker straps, while maintaining the securest of fits.

This can be further secured by doing up a small screw located at the side, but the finger tight wheel is plenty safe in my opinion.

When fitting the strap button to the Guitar, the strap button utilises a 3mm (1/8") Allen key which I think is a brilliant idea, as the Allen key can be used at a right angle. With a traditional screw, there’s the risk of slipping when using a screwdriver and damaging the Guitar.

The S-Locks are also silent and don’t rattle with movement which is a great added bonus.

The S-Locks also offer reassurance for performing musicians. There’d be nothing worse than your Guitar strap coming away from the Guitar mid set, presenting a struggle to play and reattach the strap at the same time, not to mention the damage it could cause to your Guitar!

Schaller S-Locks offer complete reassurance and give great confidence to Guitarists, knowing the Guitar isn’t going anywhere, leaving complete headspace to focus on their performance.

I highly recommend the S-Locks as they are reliable, well made and offer great peace of mind.

Schaller offers a variety of sizes and colours and parts can be bought separately if required.

L = male thread 4.5 mm, inside 3.2 mm length 27 mm

M = male thread 4.0 mm, inside 3.0 mm; length 22 mm (standard)

S = male thread 3.5 mm, inside 2.4 mm; length 18 mm

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