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The Stereoflowers - Last Love Song Of Humanity

Room 201

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The Stereo Flowers kick off “Last Love Song Of Humanity” with a filthy bass intro, immediately putting across the raw swagger and attitude of the band. 

Hitting into the verse, The Stereoflowers have gone for a stripped back verse with few words, and I think it works perfectly, hitting home their message, and ultimately making the verse as catchy as a Chorus! 

The verse vocals are rhythmic, which adds to the catchy nature of this section, but bringing in catchy elements early doors runs the risk of peaking too early… the song has to step up…the Chorus has to be even more spectacular to progress and hit that high point…and that’s exactly what The Stereoflowers have achieved!

 When the chorus kicks in, the whole song ramps up another level! 

The chorus is so memorable, “Last Love Song Of Humanity” will be in your head for weeks! 

This song has a great core theme running through it, and The Stereoflowers sound hits that theme home with style and swagger.

 The Guitars are raunchy and wild, while the drums glue The Stereoflowers sound together with consistent groove.

 As “Last Love Song Of Humanity” approaches the end, I feel the song is left on a high note and just the right length to be catchy without becoming too repetitive.

 The outro acts like a mic drop moment at the end of the song, to highlight the fact their message has been delivered loud and clear, leaving you searching for repeat.

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