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Album, “Liquid with Friends” by Beskar, featuring Huntr/s set for release 01/03/24

Based in the historic town of Devizes where a sea of talent resides, but often misses the limelight major towns and Cities receive, Huntr/s has climbed to recognition and popularity in the Drum and Bass circles.

Infiltrating the music scene with her captivating, siren-like vocals, the emerging artist Huntr/s demonstrates that success is not solely about what you know but rather who you connect with.

In an unexpected turn of events, Huntr/s served as the Social Media manager for 4NC¥ //DarkMode HeadQuarters during the peak of the pandemic. Fate intervened, revealing her hidden talent and paving the way for a collaboration with Dust~ on the track 'Get Thru It,' featured in his 'Sonar' EP (2022). Adding her haunting spoken words to intense and cinematic soundscapes, a chance encounter with Ruckus introduced her to Beskar, unveiling her prowess as a singer and songwriter.

Marking her Drum and Bass debut with enchanting vocals on 'Path I Can't Follow / The Prophecy' on RAM Records' sister imprint progRAM in the summer of 2023, Huntr/s further showcased her versatility on Grand Theft Audio with a sultry reinterpretation of 'Fever.' Her single 'Home' became the lead release for the collaborative album 'Liquid with Friends' (set to release on March 1, 2024, via GZAudio), a project by Beskar, the Scottish Music Producer known for spanning the entire spectrum of Drum and Bass. Additionally, Huntr/s delivered a double impact by featuring alongside Ruckus on the technically driven track 'Running.'

Single, "Home" taken from “Liquid with Friends” can be found on the following link

Earning support from unexpected quarters, including Ultrech's (NL) Footwork, Juke, and Jungle music producer Frenquency, as well as Indian music producers Obnoxious Oscillator and Bønehead, Huntr/s is only just beginning her ascent through the ranks of the Drum and Bass scene.

Keep your eyes and ears out for the Album, “Liquid with Friends” by Beskar, Featuring Huntr/s. Set for release on March 1, 2024, via GZAudio.


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