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Awakening Sun return with the I Am More EP

Dutch / Lithuainian metal quartet Awakening Sun return with the I Am More EP, set for a 6th October release. The group have also signed a world-wide with Seek and Strike, as EP marks their first release of this new partnership. The EP’s first single comes via the dynamic track, 'Roses,' which hits on all levels. Its new video can be seen below and showcases the band firing on all cylinders. It's a fresh, modern sound that is filled with groovy riffs, heavy hitting choruses and captivating hooks.

Watch the 'Roses' official music video here:

Awakening Sun states: "The concept of this EP is about someone who’s trying to possess people’s minds. The person never fulfills his dreams and life-goals, that’s why he tries to make it happen through other people’s lives. ‘Roses' is the first track which was written for this EP. It’s a connection between our previous album and our new EP. The song is about people who are afraid to speak up against war crimes. In this context, we use the rose as a symbol of freedom for the people who have hope and energy to keep on fighting. The writing process of this record came really naturally from all the shit happening around us. The current state of the world inspired this EP.

"We signed with Seek and Strike because from the first moment the connection between us and guys in the label was really easy going, but on a very professional level. After looking through the label's roster, we thought we were a great fit.

"With this release, we wanted to take the band's sound to a new level. We are always excited to work on our new material, because every band member has valuable creative input of the art that is being worked on at that moment. We are a mixture of heavy genres put into one cohesive set of music that punches through their listeners' ear drums with huge melodies, epic sections with big breakdowns. We’re very proud of this new release and thanks for checking it out.”

For fans of Gojira, Thy Art Is Murder, While She Sleeps and As I Lay Dying.


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