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Photo Credit - Christine Solomon

Black Smoke Trigger, New Zealand's acclaimed musical export, has recently revealed the launch of their dynamic new single, "Proof of Life." Accompanied by an exhilarating music video that captures the band's unfiltered performance energy.

Discussing the inspiration behind "Proof Of Life," guitarist and band leader Charlie Wallace shares, “This track came together really fast. I was playing around with an alternate tuning I had never written in before, and the main riff just arrived in my hands almost instantly. I took it into the jam room with the guys, and very soon we had the first demo done.

In the studio with producer Nick Raskulinecz, we played around with lots of guitars to find the right tone, and I think we nailed it. Proof Of Life is about how we often hold ourselves ransom in our own mind, and the inner battles a lot of us face on a daily basis without realizing we are in control the whole time. It’s about pushing through and breaking yourself free from things that are holding you back, whatever they may be."

The music video for "Proof Of Life" strips back the frills to showcase what Black Smoke Trigger does best — deliver a fervent and energetic rock performance. "For the music video, we wanted it to be a raw and energetic performance of the song. It was a lot of fun to film as all we did was get in the weird room we created to set the vibe and go hard,” Wallace continues, emphasizing the pure adrenaline rush the video conveys.

As Black Smoke Trigger gets ready to hit the road with Filter and Bruce Dickinson, "Proof Of Life" sets the perfect tone for what fans can expect from their live shows — an unbridled celebration of rock that's both cathartic and liberating.


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