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Enterprise Earth unveil latest single and accompanying video, titled 'Blood and Teeth.'

Photo by Nick Chance

Enterprise Earth has officially launched their much-anticipated album, "Death: An Anthology,". To commemorate this exciting announcement, the band has shared their powerfully brutal yet profoundly meaningful latest release, 'Blood and Teeth,' accompanied by an impactful music video.

Discussing the inspiration behind 'Blood and Teeth,' the band revealed a compelling narrative of toxic attachment, a cycle of self-harm, and surrender to the tragic realization of enduring immense pain for the sake of someone else's admiration. Musically, it stands out as the most intricate track on "Death: An Anthology," seamlessly transitioning from a clean piano intro to blazing leads, death metal riffage, a catchy metalcore-adjacent chorus, and an audacious bridge, ultimately culminating in the album's most intense breakdown.

When reflecting on the album, Gabe Mangold, the guitarist, backing vocalist, and producer, expressed his enthusiasm, considering "Death: An Anthology" as Enterprise Earth's most expressive, intense, diverse, and accomplished work to date. He emphasized the sheer enjoyment, empowerment, unity, catharsis, and various emotions that both the band and listeners can experience throughout the creative process.

Leading up to this release, the band had previously introduced 'King of Ruination' with special guest Ben Duerr from Shadow of Intent, as well as 'The Reaper's Servant' featuring Darius Tehrani of Spite and 'Casket Of Rust.'

Enterprise Earth confronts the universal inevitability of death, offering a distinctive perspective on the subject. Rather than shying away from it, the U.S. quartet—comprising Gabe Mangold [guitar, backing vocals, production], Brandon Zackey [drums], Travis Worland [vocals], and Dakota Johnson [bass]—confronts it head-on with their fifth full-length offering, "Death: An Anthology." Set against an apocalyptic musical backdrop, featuring battering ram double bass drums, impactful guitars, and dynamically charged vocals, the band presents their most immersive and unparalleled vision yet.

Travis Worland, the vocalist, explained that the album revolves around the overarching concept of death, exploring not only the separation of consciousness from the body but also delving into the death of self, individuality, and relationships, whether romantic or platonic. The band approaches the multifaceted nature of dying from a philosophical standpoint.

Enterprise Earth has consistently blended mosh-worthy performances with thought-provoking content throughout their career. Since their emergence in 2014, the band has achieved back-to-back debuts in the Top 10 of the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart, with Loudwire acknowledging "Luciferous" among the "50 Best Metal Albums of 2019." Their 2022 release, "The Chosen," received praise as a masterclass in experimentation and reinvention, showcasing the band's evolution.

With Gabe once again at the helm as the producer, the musicians gathered in a Lake Tahoe cabin for nine days to craft the majority of "Death: An Anthology." This marked the first time the current lineup wrote together in person, with Travis taking on vocal duties, further enhancing the cohesion and collaborative energy evident in the album.

In the grand scheme of things, death may be inevitable, but Enterprise Earth provides a profound and visceral journey for listeners in the meantime. As the band collectively states, "We wanted to make an album that feels like who we are as a collective. On the one hand, we hope you have fun listening to it. On the other, just know, 'Death is real and it comes for us all.' While we're alive, we want to enjoy it."

Purchase 'Death: An Anthology' here:

“We fed off one another’s energy,” recalls Gabe. “These songs felt cohesive because of that. We all had a hand in the composition.”

In the end, death may be inevitable, but you can rely on Enterprise Earth for a release in the meantime.

“We wanted to make an album that feels like who we are as a collective,” the band agreed. “On the one hand, we hope you have fun listening to it. On the other, just know, ‘Death is real and it comes for us all’. One day, we won’t be here anymore. While we’re alive, we want to enjoy it.”

Track Listing:

1. Abyss

2. Face of Fear

3. The Reaper's Servant (ft. Darius Tehrani)

4. Spineless

5. King Of Ruination (ft. Ben Duerr)

7. I, Divine

8. Malevolent Force (ft. Wes Hauch)

9. Accelerated Demise

11. Curse Of Flesh (ft. Matthew K. Heafy)


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