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Review Zoo catch up with super talent singer, GRETE, as she sets for her new single release.

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Hi Grete, welcome to Review Zoo

First of all, Where are you based?

I am based in Manchester, but originally from Lithuania.

Can you share with us your journey into the world of music? What inspired you to become a singer?

I started singing from age 3. I was very lucky my mother recognised my love and talent for music super early. I joined a singing ensemble and that’s how it started, never looked back after. It was always my main goal and priority to be a successful singer and now a songwriter.

How would you describe your musical style, and are there any specific genres or artists that have influenced your work?

My style is a big mixture of different genres, mainly I am influenced by a soul/r&b type of vibe, artists like Yebba, Jazmine Sullivan. The jazzy sound is also a big part of my style, artists like Hiatus Kiyote , MARO. It’s a bit experimental with the harmony, strong and emotional lyrics, rocky bass and guitar parts.

Can you tell us about your latest projects or upcoming releases? What can your fans expect from your new music?

So I started with my first single “With u” which is an emotional, romantic ballad, it has a music video on Youtube that we worked hard on so make sure to check it out. Now releasing the second single “How Long” - a more dramatic, darker song. In a few months I will be releasing another single and after that keep your eyes peeled for my first EP!

Which hobbies do you enjoy in or outside of music?

I LOVE cooking, the whole process of it (shopping, making lists, following recipes, trying it out), I also love skiing, but I don’t get to enjoy it too often. This year I started learning bass, which I know is to do with music, but it’s so hard and so fun and takes a lot of my time now.

In the competitive music industry, what do you believe sets you apart as a female singer? How do you express your unique identity through your music?

It really is so important to not blend in in today’s music industry, I think I prioritise my music sounding the way I feel it and like it, not the way the majority would. It’s not commercial pop music, which is harder to get on the radio or get people to discover it, but it’s really important to me that I stick with what I like - sometimes weird sounding chords and harmonies, harsh and chaotic sounds and vocals. 

Collaboration is a significant aspect of the music industry. Is there a dream collaboration you would like to pursue, and why?

 I am obsessed with The Weeknd and his music, so that is for sure the biggest collaboration dream. I would also love to do a duet with my biggest singing idol Beyonce.

How do you handle challenges and setbacks in your musical career? Can you share a specific experience and how it shaped you as an artist?

 As an independent artist I have to do everything myself, so it requires an incredible amount of time spent on more admin things when I could be using it creatively. And it requires money, which can be difficult for a student. It’s so much harder than everyone else thinks, for a song to succeed you need to work so hard, I think that is the biggest challenge for me. And then after all this work you still most likely will be rejected, that can be quite difficult mentally, but I am very thankful for my drive that keeps me going.

Many artists draw inspiration from personal experiences. How does your life and your emotions influence the lyrics and themes in your songs?

Most of it is from my personal experiences, especially this EP. “How long” is about the feeling of being stuck behind a wall put up by the other person in a relationship, and painting a fantasy of what could be if the wall was broken down, instead of turning around and walking away. Throughout the song, the anger and tension is growing, culminating in a release at the very end of the track - eventual acceptance. It makes the songs so much more meaningful to me and it’s easier to communicate the message.

What’s your favorite album of all time?

Many favourites but one that I could listen to non stop is “Dawn" by Yebba.

What advice do you have for aspiring female singers who are looking to pursue a career in music? 

 I keep getting encouraged from other female artists to produce more and believe that what I create is just as good as any male producer would do. This really resonates with me, there’s not a lot of female producers, because we always feel like some other more experienced male producer can make our songs much better but we need to trust that our ideas and work are just as good, if not better! So my advice for female singer/songwriters - believe in yourself and your ideas!

Are there any lessons or insights you wish you had known when you were starting out?

 I am very glad I didn’t start releasing music before coming to university, I learned so much about the music business and how to do things the right way, not get scammed and lose money. People keep asking why do you need to go to university to do music, well that’s the answer, there’s so much to know about the industry. I also went on TV to a singing competition when I was 16; from my experience - do not let anyone change your personality and who you are for the views, stick with what is true to you, because it could turn against you very quickly.


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