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Review Zoo check out EDM Metal Hybrids, Waterlines Live at Underground Swindon!

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Harcore party meets Heavy Grooves, taking tonight's audience on a brutally fun rollercoaster ride.

keeping the audience on their toes as they go from Saturday night dance floor antics to Moshpit mayhem….This is WATERLINES a dynamic 4-piece metal band hailing from the North West and Yorkshire, ready to take the UK metal scene by storm and tonight,on a cold Sunday evening, they're in Underground, Swindon.

Formed in 2022, WATERLINES are quickly gaining recognition for their unique blend of metalcore, nu-metal and EDM party.

Tonight Waterlines are here to turn the heat up on Swindon and get the audience jumping.

Frontman Ben Mars was born for this, making sure no one stands still and everyone's having a good time.

You can’t help but smile as Ben takes a room of Metal heads through their paces, switching from energetic EDM inspired Metal to low down ball busting Metal breakdowns.

This is high energy, this is low and slow, this is everything one could ask for in a live show, this is pure entertainment at its best!

There’s no time to stand still as Waterlines twist and turn through various styles and tempos, masterfully blending genres seamlessly to create their own brand of Metal.

Combining rap style vocals, vicious growls and melodic hooks, Waterlines have a sound which not only sounds great on record, it’s extremely entertaining live.

The tight Guitar playing of Mike Hawkings and Tom Wilson lock perfectly with the precision drumming of Si Douglas, creating an exciting and groove filled experience which is not only heard…it’s felt.

The low frequencies rumble through the rib cage, fully immersing the audience, further pulling the crowd into Waterlines world.

My favorite part of the show was when frontman Ben Mars called for everyone in the venue to put their arms over the shoulder of the person next to them, forming a long line. When the next track kicked in, Ben called out the instructions, “to the left left left…to the right right right”, the moshpit quickly transformed into a dancefloor as the audience shuffled from side to side.

This is Heavy, this is Happiness, this is Highly entertaining, This is Waterlines!


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