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Review Zoo check out "Grief is no Ally", the incredible debut album by German Metal quartet, "MAVIS"

"Grief is no Ally" Release date 15th of December 2023

"Grief is no Ally" isn't just an album; it's a musical odyssey that catapults MAVIS into the

forefront of the metal scene. The band's debut is nothing short of a revelation,

showcasing an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and an innovative approach to the


The cohesive brilliance of the 11-track journey is evident from the opening chords of

"Insight." As the thematic groundwork is laid, MAVIS introduces a captivating blend of

atmospheric layers and heavy riffage, creating an addictive bounce that sets the tone

for the entire album. Each subsequent track, from the relentless brutality of "Calypso" to

the Djent-infused complexities of "Tortured Land," demonstrates the band's prowess in

seamlessly traversing diverse sonic landscapes.

"Hollow Eyes" introduces electronic elements, adding depth and atmosphere to MAVIS's

multifaceted sound. "Furry Tongue" revisits the Djent style with intricate notes that

immerse the listener in a mesmerizing experience, showcasing the band's attention to


"Monsters" stands as a testament to MAVIS's ability to amalgamate their various

elements into a cohesive display of sonic prowess. From Djent intricacies to all-out

metal breakdowns and chanty vocal passages, this track serves as a comprehensive

showcase of MAVIS's musical identity.

"Reflections" emerges as a powerhouse, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of the

metal genre. It's a pedal-to-the-metal experience with brief interludes offering the only

respite, emphasizing MAVIS's commitment to unbridled intensity.

"Limerent" breaks the mold by opening with a sung vocal and a unique shuffle-style

beat. This deviation from the standard beats adds a fresh dimension to the album,

showcasing MAVIS's willingness to evolve and contribute to the genre's growth.

"ISOTO" is a masterclass in contrast, seamlessly transitioning between a beautifully

atmospheric intro and aggressive Djent passages. The reintroduction of the intro later in

the track adds layers, illustrating the band's meticulous attention to composition.

"Closer to the Sun" stands out with its funky Djent style, neck-breaking riffs, and vocal

diversity. The atmospheric chanty-style vocals and guttural growls further highlight

MAVIS's versatility in both instrumentation and vocal delivery.

As "Marcescence" brings "Grief is no Ally" to a close, it maintains the album's

momentum, ensuring that the persistent high quality is upheld until the very end. This

final track serves as a triumphant conclusion to the remarkable journey, leaving listeners

with a sense of awe and fulfillment.

MAVIS have created an absolute Metal masterpiece in “Grief is no Ally” and have raised

the bar for the genre. This album is a perfect storm of perfection and heavy music at its

zenith. It's a sonic adventure that will undoubtedly place MAVIS at the forefront of the

metal landscape. Anyone who embarks on this musical journey is in for a real treat.

Highly recommended for metal enthusiasts and music lovers alike!


1 Insight

2 Calypso

3 Tortured Land

4 Hollow Eyes

5 Furry Tongue

 6 Monsters

7 Reflections

8 Limerent


10 Closer to the Sun

11 Marcescence

"Grief is no Ally" Release date 15th of December 2023



Dec 14, 2023

Thank you very much for this amazing in depth review of our Album! It means a lot to us

Lee (Review Zoo)
Lee (Review Zoo)
Dec 20, 2023
Replying to

It was a pleasure! I really enjoyed it. 😀

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