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Welcome to the Chug Life, with CHUGGABOOM!

ChuggaBoom are tearing up the Metal scene with a refreshing take on the genre.

Incredible diversity is displayed by the band musically and technically, all together with some added wit.

It’s nice to see a band not taking themselves too seriously while achieving serious things.

I’ve been following ChuggaBoom for years now and their rise up the Metal ladder has been a joy to watch. An equal treat as watching them live!

I had the privilege seeing them live and they certainly put on a show that’s highly entertaining.

ChuggaBoom are a group of 5 masked individuals, who leave great intrigue as to who they are? It's highly possible they're in other established bands, as ChuggaBoom has the talent of a super group!

Their musicianship is incredible as each individual character adds their unique style to the ChuggaBoom pot. Live they dominate the stage, with the audience's eyes darting around the stage so as not to miss any of the action.

Multiple releases are available from the ChuggaBoom camp, each nothing but brutal perfection. If you haven't heard ChuggaBoom yet, there's a gem to be discovered today.

So, jump right into the world of ChuggaBoom, and witness the climb of this beast of a band!.

You're in for a treat!


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