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Swiss progressive metal group Kassogtha release new single 'Rise'

New Single "Rise", by Kassogtha comes ahead of the band's debut UK headline tour (beginning 8th February), and subsequent European tour supporting Decapitated in March.

In the wake of an extraordinary year for Kassogtha, following the success of their last album rEvolve, which included a triumphant European tour and numerous unforgettable shows, the band finds themselves more determined than ever to conquer new heights in their genre.

'Rise' is a manifestation of this hunger, born from the band's relentless pursuit of their life goals. Born out of pure passion, the song encapsulates the essence of fighting against the odds and pushing boundaries. The blend of brutality and catchiness creates a sonic experience where death metal influences intertwine with harsh and empowering vocals, forging a unique musical journey.

Lyrically, 'Rise' delivers a powerful message, a testament to the band's connection with their fans. The song is a dedication to those who find solace and strength in Kassogtha's music, especially those facing challenging situations. Through this song, Kassogtha aim to unite fans with a common message of courage, resilience, and the pursuit of their dreams.

As Kassogtha continue to break barriers, 'Rise' stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to both their craft and their fans.

Purchase the band's latest album rEvolve here:

Kassogtha will embark on their first headline UK tour in February 2024. Purchase tickets from:


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